What has helped me in my fight against acne?

Lauren, who is currently actively practicing naturopathy treatment, shares with us the story of her successful fight against acne. “All I wanted for Christmas was clear skin… Acne and I have been inseparable since 7th grade. This one will take more than one page to tell about all the procedures, lotions, potions and medicines that have been unsuccessfully in my arsenal. In fact, I’ve tried everything from powerful drugstore anti-acne tonics to expensive serums. I have even tried serious in-home chemical peels, as well as laser treatments. At some point, I gave up all of the above remedies and decided to try natural, natural remedies at home for 1 month. Although my face is not completely clear of acne yet, I know that it will only take a little more time to completely clear. 1. Evening cleansing with natural oil I was afraid to clean my face with oil, because usually an hour after washing it always turned into one big “greasy spot”. So it took a lot of courage to do an oil cleansing facial for the first time. However, after a few such treatments, I noticed how well the oil removes all makeup residue, and the skin becomes soft. Most importantly: normalized fat balance. This was because the skin did not need to compensate for the lack of oil, as is the case with conventional soap cleansing, which dries out the pores very much. 2. Morning cleansing with honey. In the morning I wash my face with honey. With slightly damp fingers, I massage my face with 1/2 teaspoon of honey, then rinse. The antibacterial properties of honey kill pathogenic bacteria in the sebaceous glands. In addition, it eliminates excess oil, while leaving the skin hydrated. 3. Apple cider vinegar tonic In the morning and evening, I used my own homemade spray. Mix 2/3 walnut setting (no alcohol) and 1/3 apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains acids that gently exfoliate the skin and balance the pH of the skin. The skin absorbs this tonic quickly and evenly. 4. Honey + Cinnamon + Nutmeg If you ever visit me unannounced, you can easily find me with a sticky cinnamon on my face. After I discovered the effectiveness of such a mask, it entered my regular skincare arsenal. I mix honey with cinnamon, add some nutmeg. You can store in the bathroom. I dot it on the affected areas of the skin and leave it for several hours. This mixture can also be used as a complete mask, in which case keep it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Perhaps such “self-treatment” will seem unreasonable to you, but believe me, it is much less traumatic and much more effective for the skin of the face compared to toxic tonics and ointments made on the basis of chemistry. Normalizing oil production by the sebaceous glands, using gentle exfoliating masks on a natural basis, balancing the hormonal system with a healthy diet will be a safe and effective solution to acne.

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