What do you need to know about CLT panels?


What do you need to know about CLT panels?

In contrast to producing ordinary lumber, the manufacturing of CLT panels is a complex multi-stage process. However, it is applied nowadays as described here clt-rezult.com/en/ and people can benefit from this type of material.

Manufacturing of panels

Logs from the forest are sent to the wood processing plant, where they are placed for primary drying under natural conditions under a canopy. The process takes about 3 months.

Next, they are sent to drying chambers where a high temperature is maintained. The wood stays here for 1-2 months. At the same time, there is a uniform decrease in the moisture content of lumber without cracking and deformation. This is carefully monitored by operators.

Next, the log is sent for sawing. The boards are glued with special adhesives, pressed together and left to dry. 

The production time may vary and the stages can differ depending on the characteristics of the materials being produced as described here https://clt-rezult.com/en/products/evropoddony/

Classification of panels

Glued wood can be divided into groups based on various characteristics, but the main one is the number of layers in the product:

· Two-layer and three-layer. Boards of different cross-sections are used for their creation.

· Multi-layered. The production method involves the use of boards and lamellas in different quantities, which are determined by structural calculations.

Special features

CLT panels are unique in their properties compared to solid lumber:

  • the strength is higher;
  • dimensions are unchanged over time due to the humidity;
  • absence of defects;
  • lack of wall shrinkage increases the speed of construction;
  • exact geometric dimensions;
  • an almost perfectly flat surface of the walls;
  • increased ability to withstand loads;
  • products made of CLT better tolerate negative weather factors such as rain, and temperature drops, and are resistant to insects due to impregnation.

The advantages of CLT plates are obvious, so many developers, builders, and those who are looking for ecological options prefer it.

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