What coffee drinks are preferred by different signs of the zodiac


Astrologers believe that the date of birth of a person largely determines his character and even his gastronomic preferences. So, we have already told which of the signs of the zodiac is what dessert looks like. And now he offers to be curious about the coffee topic and find out how, from the point of view of astrologers, each sign of the zodiac drinks coffee and which one. 


Drinking coffee for the representatives of this sign is a real ritual. They adore the cooking process itself and will not agree to entrust it even to close people. They are very scrupulous and persistent in their choice of coffee. In addition, they are distinguished by enviable constancy. Aries have been looking for their favorite variety for a very long time, but having found it, they never cheat on it. All other varieties simply do not exist for them. 

Typically, Aries love strong coffee that matches their personality.


Will order in a coffee shop: dope with ginger.


Taurus loves to drink coffee anytime, anywhere, be it a cozy kitchen or a chic restaurant. And in any case, they get great pleasure from it. But with regard to the type of their favorite drink, they are more conservative. They usually have their favorite strain, which they do not change. Therefore, for him there is nothing better than a cup of Americano with milk and cinnamon. Also, he will be delighted if you present him with custard coffee in a stylish package.

Will order in a coffee shop: Americano with milk and cinnamon. 


Gemini is a sign of impermanence. And with regard to coffee, this sign does not differ in special affections. Every time Gemini tries something different or adds berries, nuts and spices to classic coffees. They pay special attention to the cup. Gemini will only drink coffee from cups that differ in their original shapes and colors. And they prefer to drink coffee in the company of friends, spending time in intimate conversations or heated arguments. 

Will order in a coffee shop: latte macchiato with nuts. 


Coffee for them, first of all, is a great way to invigorate and get a boost of energy for the whole day. Usually, Cancers prefer a strong and hot drink. But brewing it for the representatives of this sign is a thankless task, they love it when others do it carefully.  

Cancers like to drink coffee at home or in a small cafe, observing the world around them and people, mentally giving them a characteristic.  

Will order in a coffee shop: cappuccino with vanilla. 


They prefer exquisite coffee made from selected beans, and Lviv is also interested in unusual and rare sorts of coffee. If Leo invites you for a cup of coffee, then you can be sure that the drink will be delicious, the decoration is at the highest level, and the cream and dessert are the best. 

Will order in a coffee shop: coffee with cream. 


Virgos are very scrupulous in details and treat the cooking process with special care, turning it into a real ritual. At the same time, Virgo clearly observes all the rules and regulations. The drink they make is always refined and is able to delight even the most demanding gourmets with its unsurpassed taste and aroma. 

And since this is a thrifty zodiac sign, she always has a couple of packs of her favorite ground coffee at home.

Will order in a coffee shop: caramel cappuccino with orange. 


Libra does everything strictly according to the rules. For them, strict observance of proportions and sequence is mandatory. Representatives of this sign will remember for a long time and find out what is put into the Turk earlier – coffee or sugar.

The very process of coffee drinking for Libra is a real sacrament. They taste the aromatic drink slowly and calmly, completely relaxing, enjoying the rest and indulging in dreams. Libra also respects To go coffee, as they are always in a hurry somewhere. 

Will order in a coffee shop: flat white with nutmeg. 


He prefers the best elite varieties and is fully convinced that all friends and acquaintances should love only this variety and prepare a drink according to the same recipe. For Scorpio, coffee is an energizing, flaming drink that sets you up for a romantic mood. 

Will order in a coffee shop: honey raff coffee. 


Sagittarius is attracted not by the taste of coffee itself, but by the opportunity to have a good time with friends. Although they are indifferent to the drink itself, they will never refuse the offered cup of coffee. For them, this is a great opportunity to chat once again with friends, and this is what they love. 

Will order in a coffee shop: cocoa.


This is a rather conservative sign that does not like any experiments, both in life and when choosing a favorite drink. Once, having chosen the type of coffee that suits their tastes, they never change it again.

In times of disappointment, depression or hard work, this magical drink becomes indispensable for them. It helps them focus, instills optimism and self-confidence.

Will order in a coffee shop: lungo. 


Aquarians love to experiment and try different varieties. And they do not strive for this, preferring variety. But in terms of cooking, they are very scrupulous. Coffee is prepared strictly in accordance with the recipe, and clearly observing the sequence of actions. Therefore, the drink they make is just excellent! Aquarians also love spiced coffee. 

Will order in a coffee shop: raff coffee with salt. 


Fish cannot live a day without coffee. This drink wakes them up in the morning, fills the body with a charge of cheerfulness and sexuality. They love a non-standard combination of coffee with various sweets, for example, with marshmallows, and also adore coffee ice cream.

Will order in a coffee shop: vanilla cappuccino with marshmallows

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