What can I do if I suffer from spring asthenia


What can I do if I suffer from spring asthenia

Healthy habits

Food, exercise or even the order of our house can help us overcome this disorder

What can I do if I suffer from spring asthenia

Although with the arrival of spring come more hours of light, a much more pleasant temperature and an atmosphere that, in general, seems to raise the spirits, the spring experience is not like that for everyone. The so-called spring asthenia, a temporary disorder, begins with the arrival of the season. Its main symptoms are fatigue and lack of energy, caused by difficulties in falling asleep, anxiety and irritability. Also, lack of motivation, concentration or libido are noted as symptoms.

The causes of this disorder are environmental, and are motivated by changes in temperature and schedules, and the organism’s difficulties in adapting to these

 conditions of the new station. Also, if you already have previous symptoms of stress or anxiety, for example, they can make spring asthenia suffer more pronouncedly.

Five tips to improve spring asthenia

In order to combat these symptoms, you cannot do much more than wear a healthy life style; we should try harder than usual to achieve good daily routines. From Nutritienda.com its professionals leave a list of guidelines to have impeccable routines and overcome spring asthenia without problems.

1. Play sports: It is always very important to do physical activity, since sport is one of the best resources at our disposal to encourage ourselves, activate our body and feel better. Supports the release of endorphins that increases mood.

2. Outdoor activities: Now that the good weather arrives, you have to take advantage of it and go outdoors, take walks, be in the sun as it is the best source of vitality.

3. Regulate sleep and anticipate the time change: You have to establish a routine of rest and adapt to the change of time little by little. It is convenient to sleep an average of seven or eight hours so that the body rests and one wakes up in a good mood.

4. Hydrate: You have to drink a minimum of a liter and a half a day so that our body is hydrated. You can combine infusions, although always giving priority to water.

5. Take care of the diet: You always have to take care of your diet, but at this time more, since fatigue and lack of motivation make the body demand foods rich in sugar and fat and you have to try to avoid them. To do this, you have to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits to get more vitamins and minerals. A varied, balanced and healthy diet together with a healthy and active lifestyle will make us feel more energetic. Also, it is important to prevent deficiency of any nutrient.

Tidy the house to avoid spring asthenia

On the other hand, Amaia Elias, interior designer and Marie Kondo’s official consultant, explains that a healthy lifestyle goes beyond doing sports or eating well: our environment also has an impact. «A good mattress or a room that relaxes us can help us to rest is mejor. Even an orderly kitchen and beautiful dishes can motivate us to eat healthy as it will be easier and more fun, ”says the professional. Therefore, it also leaves several guidelines to better cope with spring asthenia:

Everything neat to avoid stress

The good atmosphere of the room is essential to rest better, that is why it is important that it be a place that relaxes us and transmits us calm. “In a room full of unnecessary things and without a fixed place we will not be able to rest peacefully,” he says.

A good mattress for a good rest

We spend many hours of our life on a mattress and although there is no specific formula to choose an ideal mattress, the most important thing is to be aware of the materials it contains. The expert recommends having a mattress that suits us. “There is a false belief that the mattress has to be hard and it is false. The firmness of the mattress varies according to the tastes of the person, “he explains.

Tidy up the house to beat laziness

Regarding the importance of organizing our home so that it is an ally in the things that count the most for us to do, the professional puts sport as an example. «Having a place at the entrance to be able to leave the gym bag ready can be a basic advice to have an excuse and avoid laziness. Or even have adequate space at home to be able to do yoga or exercise without having to move a lot of objects, “he recommends.

Take care of the five senses

Finally, it recommends taking care of the textures, smells and light of our thing to enhance rest. “Take into account the textures of the materials as a nice woven blanket is a good ally when it comes to sleeping better. Even putting on relaxing music before bed helps lower our heart rate, providing deep relaxation, “he says.

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