We rest with taste: dishes for a family picnic from fish and seafood


What is the best way to spend a free summer day? Go on a picnic with the whole family. From the heart to frolic with the children, and then to luxuriate on the soft green grass in the rays of the July sun… What else do you need for happiness? Moreover, we have a special occasion for such fun — the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. It remains to figure out what to eat in nature. We make a picnic menu together with the experts of TM “Maguro”.

Salmon in velvety bliss

Crispy bruschettas with different fillings are liked by both children and adults. We offer a light summer option-bruschetta with salmon pate TM “Maguro”. It is made from natural pink salmon, which lives in the northern waters of the Pacific Ocean. This fish is famous for its refined taste and a solid supply of valuable omega-acids. Pate from it goes well with both vegetables and fruits.


  • salmon pate TM “Maguro” — 1 jar
  • grain bread — 5-6 slices
  • cream cheese-100 g
  • avocado — 1 pc.
  • lemon — 2-3 slices
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • olive oil-1-2 tsp.
  • arugula leaves and purple onion-for serving

Sprinkle the slices of bread with olive oil, brown in a dry frying pan on both sides. This can be done on the grill. We peel the avocado from the peel, remove the stone, knead the pulp in a puree. Add cream cheese, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Beat the thick mousse well with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Thickly lubricate the dried slices of bread with avocado mousse. Spread the salmon pate TM “Maguro”on top. We decorate the bruschettas with rings of purple onions with arugula leaves — and you can treat everyone who has gathered at the barbecue.

Quesadilla with a sea slope

Quesadilla seems to be specially created for a picnic. It is made as simple as possible — take ready-made tortilla cakes and wrap everything in them that your heart desires. For example, natural tuna fillet TM “Maguro”. This fish has a rather dense, but at the same time tender and juicy flesh. The taste of tuna resembles a cross between chicken and veal.


  • tortilla cakes — 4 pcs.
  • natural tuna TM “Maguro” in glass — 200 g
  • fresh tomatoes — 2 pcs.
  • pitted olives-70 g
  • egg — 3 pcs.
  • hard cheese — 50 g
  • mayonnaise — 2 tbsp. l.
  • tabasco sauce-to taste
  • green onions-3-4 feathers
  • salt, black pepper — to taste

We take out the tuna fillet TM “Maguro” from the jar, dry it from excess liquid, cut it into thin slices. In the same way, we chop tomatoes. We boil hard-boiled eggs, peel them from the shell and cut them into small cubes. We chop the olives with rings, chop the onion feathers, grate the cheese on a grater.

Mix mayonnaise with tabasco sauce, season with salt and black pepper, lubricate the resulting tortilla sauce. On one half we spread slices of tuna, tomatoes and olives. Sprinkle everything with cheese and green onions, cover with the second half of the tortilla, press a little with your fingers and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Burger with health benefits

Delicious burgers for a family picnic can be not only meat, but also fish. You just need to prepare original cutlets from tilapia fillet TM “Maguro”for them. This fish is rich in high-grade protein, which is easily and almost completely absorbed. There are few bones in its pulp, so the minced meat turns out so tender.


  • tilapia fillet TM ” Maguro — – 800 g
  • onion — 1 head
  • eggs — 2 pcs.
  • vegetable oil — for frying
  • breadcrumbs — 5 tbsp. l.
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • lettuce leaves — for serving
  • round grain rolls-3-4 pcs.


  • fresh cucumber — 1 pc.
  • garlic-1-2 cloves
  • greek yogurt — 100 g
  • lemon — 1 pc.
  • fresh mint, salt, black pepper — to taste

Defrost tilapia fillet TM “Maguro” at room temperature, rinse in water, dry with paper towels. We chop the fillet with a knife as small as possible. Cut the onion into a small cube, mix it with minced fish, beat in the eggs, season with salt and black pepper. Pour out the breadcrumbs and knead the minced meat. We form cutlets and fry them in a frying pan with oil until golden brown.

The taste of fish cutlets will emphasize the zajiki sauce. Grate cucumbers, garlic and lemon zest on a fine grater. Mix everything with Greek yogurt, salt and pepper to taste, add chopped mint leaves. We cut the round rolls in half. Cover the lower half with a lettuce leaf, put the fish cutlet, pour the sauce, cover with another lettuce leaf and the upper half of the bun. Before serving, hold the fish burgers on the grill for a short time — it will turn out even tastier.

Sea treasures under a bread crust

Stuffed baguette on coals is a hearty snack that will appeal to the whole family. Its highlight will be Magadan shrimp TM “Maguro”. Their tender juicy flesh has a pleasant taste with sweet notes. To enjoy it, it is enough to thaw the shrimp at room temperature, hold it in salted water for a while and peel off the shells. The shrimps are already cooked and have been shock frozen. This greatly facilitates the preparation.


  • mini baguette — 2 pcs.
  • shrimp TM “Maguro” Magadan — 500 g
  • mozzarella — 200 g
  • cherry tomatoes — 6-8 pcs.
  • fresh basil — 5-6 sprigs
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • water — 2 liters
  • lemon — 1 slice
  • dill — 3-4 sprigs
  • hard cheese-70 g

For the sauce:

  • butter — 50 g
  • milk — 170 ml
  • flour — 1 tbsp. l. with a slide
  • garlic — 1 clove
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • nutmeg — on the tip of a knife

First, let’s do the sauce. Pour the flour into a dry frying pan, passeruem until creamy. Melt the butter and dissolve the flour in it. Pour in the milk and gently bring to a boil. Constantly stirring with a spatula, we simmer the sauce until it becomes thick. At the very end, we put salt and spices.

Now bring the water to a boil, salt and pepper, put the dill, boil for a minute. Pour the shrimp TM “Maguro” into hot water, stand for 10-15 minutes. Then we throw it into a colander, cool it, peel it from the shells, sprinkle it with lemon juice. Cut mozzarella with tomatoes into slices, chop basil, mix with shrimp, season with sauce.

We cut the baguettes lengthwise, carefully remove the crumb to make boats. We fill them with stuffing, sprinkle grated cheese on top and brown them on the coals so that it melts a little.

An exquisite steak without unnecessary fuss

How not to pamper your family with delicious fragrant red fish on the grill, if you have such an opportunity? Maguro salmon steaks are an ideal choice for just such an occasion. Thanks to the finest ice glaze, they have preserved a delicate texture and unique taste qualities. Too complex a marinade can ruin everything. A little olive oil, salt and pepper — that’s all you need. But with the sauce for fish, you can dream up.


  • salmon steak TM ” Maguro — – 500 g
  • olive oil — 2 tbsp.
  • lemon juice — 2 tsp.
  • sea salt, white pepper-0.5 tsp each.
  • white sesame-for serving

For the sauce:

  • olive oil-50 ml
  • lemon juice — 4 tbsp. l.
  • parsley, coriander, dill — 5-6 sprigs each
  • chili pepper — 1 pod
  • garlic-2-3 cloves
  • salt, black pepper-a pinch at a time

First of all, we will make a green sauce so that it is saturated with aromas and flavors. Chop all the herbs and garlic. We peel the chili pepper from the seeds and partitions, chop it with thin rings. Mix all the ingredients in a mortar, salt and pepper, knead well. Next, pour in the olive oil and knead again.

Salmon steaks of TM “Maguro” are thawed, washed and dried. Rub them with salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil, leave to marinate for 10-15 minutes. Then fry them on the grill on both sides until golden brown. Serve the finished steaks with a spicy green sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Here are such simple and delicious dishes you can prepare for a family picnic. You will find the main ingredients in the brand line of TM “Maguro”. These are natural fish and seafood of the highest quality. Raw materials for it are purchased directly in the production regions and delivered to our country, preserving the original taste and useful properties. Everything is so that you can please your family with delicious dishes of your own cooking.

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