We decorate the glasses. Master class

Preparing for the holiday, we try to please ourselves and our loved ones with various goodies, sometimes forgetting that food is also needed for the eyes. Our designer Alice Ponizovskaya tells us how to decorate glasses and candle cups for the New Year’s feast.


Декорируем бокалы. Мастер-класс

For a beautiful table, it is not necessary to buy new dishes-you can turn any glass into a New Year’s glass in a few minutes. Even a simple disposable cup can be festive, light decor will help you create a festive mood and surprise your friends with your new talents.


You will need: ribbons, rhinestones, twigs of thuja, glue gun (the best friend of creative girls!) and a little imagination.Thuja twigs should be fresh, but not wet, otherwise they will not stick. I do not advise you to take spruce branches, as the spruce dries quickly and loses its needles.

Apply a little glue to the twig and stick it to the glass-do not be afraid, the glue will easily peel off the glass after the holiday! Add a ribbon, tie a bow and glue the rhinestones on the same glue.

Everything about everything will take you about ten minutes, the effect will exceed all your expectations, not to mention the enthusiastic exclamations of the guests!

In the same way, you can make napkin rings or arrange simple glass cups for candles.

Декорируем бокалы. Мастер-класс


And one more little trick: thuja will smell amazing and create a New Year’s mood no worse than a Christmas tree, so I advise you to decorate the glasses directly on the eve of the holiday, so that the smell of thuja does not fade and pleases you and your loved ones!

Happy New Year!

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