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Ahead of us is a series of May holidays. This is a great opportunity to go on a trip or calmly plan a future trip — there will be enough time. How to choose a destination, issue tickets and book a hotel? The experts of Healthy Food Near Me Life will tell us about all the nuances of modern tourism.

World market: what is Greece known for

Any trip begins with choosing the country you want to visit. Pay attention to Greece — the sea is already warm in May, but the daytime temperature is very comfortable. This means that it will be possible to combine both beach holidays and excursions, especially since there is really something to see in a country with such a rich history, and most importantly, what to bring with you.

Top 10 places to visit in Budapest

If you prefer long walks through ancient cities with amazing architecture to a beach holiday, fly to Budapest! No wonder this city is called the eastern Paris of Europe. Thermal springs, river tram rides, cozy streets and delicious goulash — this is what makes this place unforgettable. And the view of the night parliament will be one of the best impressions for a lifetime-tested!

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Turkey, which you didn’t know about

Are you used to considering Turkey as a resort with hotels and an all inclusive system? We hasten to surprise you: there are unique places in Turkey that are definitely worth visiting. Don’t be afraid to change your idea of the usual — it’s worth it.

Unknown native expanses: Altai

And what about us? And we also have a lot of incredible beauties. For example, the pearl of Russia is the Altai Territory. A trip here is a great opportunity not only to see the pristine nature with all its colors, but also to test your own capabilities. You can also tell your grandchildren about this trip!

Ready-made tour or an independent trip?

So, you have decided where you want to go. It’s time to decide how best to organize a trip-independently or through a tour operator. Both options have pros and cons, so just choose the one that is closer to you.

How to get a visa yourself

If you want to organize a trip yourself, first find out whether a visa is required to travel to the country you have chosen. The list of visa-free countries for Russian citizens can be easily found on the Internet. But do not worry if you still have to issue a special permit for entry — the list of documents, as a rule, is not very large, and it is not difficult to issue them. 

What is couchsurfing and what is it eaten with

How to save money on a trip? There are many tips for those who want to travel on a budget. For example, do not book hotels, but register on the couchsurfing site — there you will find accommodation and make new acquaintances.

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Multi-hour flight: travel tips

A multi-hour flight is not only a stress for the body, but also a test for aerophobes. There are several ways to deal with bouts of fear, be sure to use them if the planes inspire you with horror.

Holidays with children: myth or reality

If you have small children, this does not mean that you need to give up traveling. You just need to think through some nuances in advance, and then both you and your child will get the joy of the trip. 

The game “Guess the country by photo”

And now that you are fully versed in the issues of tourism, let’s play. I wonder if you can guess the country from the photo? Share your results in the comments and travel with pleasure!

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