Vinaigrette diet, 3 days, -3 kg


Losing weight up to 3 kg in 3 days.

The average daily calorie content is 990 Kcal.

Vinaigrette – a salad of boiled vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil – not only delivers the necessary vitamins to our body, but also helps to lose weight.

It is interesting that Russian interpreters of the words insist on the French-speaking roots of the origin of the name of this salad, and English-speaking sources call the vinaigrette “Russian salad with beets.” Whatever it was, but this tasty and healthy salad ranks second in popularity after Olivier.

Vinaigrette diet requirements

The main point of losing weight on vinaigrette is the low calorie content of this dish. If you prepare the right diet salad, then its energy weight will be low. To do this, you just need to replace or remove a few familiar components of the vinaigrette. It is recommended to refuse when preparing a diet salad from potatoes; this starchy vegetable can interfere with weight loss. If the vinaigrette without potatoes seems completely tasteless to you, you can leave this favorite ingredient, but quite a bit. It is recommended to halve the amount of carrots added to the salad, this vegetable is also quite high in calories. Instead of the usual canned peas, it is better to send boiled green peas to the dish. If fresh peas are not available, use frozen ones.

Usually, as you know, the vinaigrette is made from pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut. But they can retain fluid in the body, which is not desirable when losing weight. It is better to replace these ingredients with seaweed. Use olive oil instead of sunflower oil.

The classic variation of vinaigrette weight loss is the mono diet. According to its rules for breakfast, lunch and dinner, only vinaigrette should be on the table. If you are hungry, you can have a snack with a small amount of this salad in the pauses between main meals. It is also allowed to supplement the main meal with an apple, citrus or other non-starchy fruit, or eat the fruit with a snack. Don’t overeat. Drink water with any kind of vinaigrette diet should be abundant. As for other drinks, only green tea is allowed during the mono diet, without any additives. You can stick to this menu for a maximum of 3 days. During this time, as a rule, the same number of kilograms runs away. On such a diet, you can spend one fasting day.

Another of the shortest weight loss options is three-day vinaigrette diet… In this case, it is recommended to eat 6 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be a small portion of vinaigrette. You can drink a dish with a low-fat fermented milk product (for example, yogurt or kefir). It is recommended to drink kefir at night. For snack and afternoon tea, eat any non-starchy fruit. Thanks to this diet, in a very short time, you can lose 2-3 kilograms.

If you want to get rid of 5 unnecessary pounds, you will come to the rescue five-day vinaigrette diet… You need to eat on it 5 times a day. Breakfast involves the use of fruit salad and a glass of kefir. The snack consists of a vinaigrette. You need to dine again with vinaigrette and a glass of low-fat sour milk. An afternoon snack is a non-starchy fruit, and dinner is a low-fat vegetable broth.

According 10-day vinaigrette diet you can lose up to 8 kilograms. If you want to achieve this result, you will need to adhere to fairly strict dietary restrictions. Namely – eat up to 50 g of vinaigrette per day, drink about 400 ml of low-fat kefir and consume 3-4 fruits.

A diet under an interesting name is also popular among those who want to lose weight. “Hot vinaigrette”… You can stick to it for up to 7 days. Leaves during this period, if there is a lot of excess weight, up to 5 kilograms. A hot vinaigrette is prepared as follows. Take all the foods you want to make a dish (except pickled cucumbers), chop them and pour 100 milliliters of water. Boil the liquid with vegetables for about 8-10 minutes. After that, she needs to settle for 15 minutes. Now add greens, pickled cucumber or sauerkraut to the water and season with a little vegetable oil. Done! This dish is recommended to be consumed for dinner. Breakfast is oatmeal, to which you can add a little of your favorite dried fruits, and dinner – low-fat soup with some kind of cereal and a salad consisting of non-starchy vegetables. It is recommended to refuse snacks on “hot vinaigrette”.

If you are in an interesting position and gain weight too quickly, you can also turn to vinaigrette food. But be sure to consult a doctor before that. Subject to vinaigrette diet for pregnant women in addition to vinaigrette, you need to eat fruits and vegetables, various cereals, berries, nuts (in moderation), cottage cheese, low-fat kefir, lean meats, fish. Eat fractionally, avoiding an acute feeling of hunger. Never take long pauses between meals and avoid stomach rumbling. It is recommended to adhere to such a diet for ladies in position no more than two weeks.

If you like buckwheat, you can turn to a technique in which buckwheat and vinaigrette walk alongside and also contribute to weight loss. Every day it is worth eating 500 g of buckwheat (the weight of the finished dish is indicated) and the same amount of vinaigrette. It is best not to cook buckwheat, but to steam it. You can eat like this for a maximum of 2 weeks. It is advisable to eat fractionally.

Of course, try not to forget about physical activity.

There are some tricks you need to know when making a vinaigrette. Vegetables cannot be overcooked, it is better not to cook them a little. And if you steam or bake beets, carrots, potatoes, then save water-soluble vitamins in them. The body will thank you for this.

To prevent the entire salad from turning into one bright color, first put the chopped beets in a container, pour oil over it and stir. Then all the ingredients added after will retain their color.

Do not use oxidizing metal utensils for preparing and storing vinaigrette. There should not be a lot of oil in the salad. Do not mix cold and hot ingredients, otherwise the vinaigrette will quickly turn sour. Don’t forget about fresh herbs, green onions. Avoid canned vegetables. You can store the dish for no more than a day.

Vinaigrette diet menu

Example of a three-day vinaigrette diet

Breakfast: vinaigrette; a glass of kefir.

Snack: fresh or baked apple.

Lunch: vinaigrette.

Afternoon snack: orange.

Dinner: vinaigrette; a glass of empty yogurt.

Shortly before bedtime: about 200 ml of kefir.

Example of a five-day vinaigrette diet

Breakfast: apple and pear salad; 200-250 ml of kefir.

Snack: vinaigrette.

Lunch: vinaigrette and a glass of kefir.

Afternoon snack: apple.

Dinner: a small bowl of vegetable broth.

An example of a ten-day vinaigrette diet

Breakfast: 200 ml of kefir.

Snack: pear.

Lunch: 50 g of vinaigrette.

Afternoon snack: grapefruit.

Dinner: up to 200 ml of kefir and an apple.

Shortly before bed: if hungry, eat some kind of non-starchy fruit.

Example of a hot vinaigrette diet

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal, cooked in water, to which you can add a little raisins; green tea.

Lunch: bowl of buckwheat soup; tomato-cucumber salad, seasoned with a small amount of low-fat kefir.

Dinner: hot vinaigrette and a cup of green tea.

An example of a diet on a vinaigrette for pregnant women for a week

Day 1

Breakfast: a portion of corn porridge with walnuts and a chopped apple; green tea.

Snack: a glass of kefir and chopped fresh carrots.

Lunch: 2 tbsp. l. buckwheat; the vinaigrette; green tea; a pair of tangerines.

Afternoon snack: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese with a handful of berries (you can fill the dish with empty yogurt).

Dinner: baked fish fillet and a couple of fresh cucumbers; a glass of kefir.

Day 2

Breakfast: a portion of whole grain porridge with raspberries and strawberries; green tea.

Snack: half a cup of empty yogurt and apple and pear salad.

Lunch: boiled brown rice; salad of cucumbers, white cabbage and various greens, seasoned with a small amount of kefir.

Afternoon snack: a couple of tablespoons of fat-free cottage cheese with a handful of nuts; green tea.

Dinner: vinaigrette; a piece of boiled fish; a cup of green tea.

Day 3

Breakfast: 150 g of cottage cheese with a mix of berries, seasoned with low-fat yogurt; green tea.

Snack: a glass of low-fat yogurt and chopped boiled beets.

Lunch: vinaigrette and baked chicken leg without skin; a cup of green tea.

Afternoon snack: a couple of tablespoons of vinaigrette and a pear.

Dinner: baked fish fillet; carrot and apple salad; a glass of kefir.

Day 4

Breakfast: semolina cooked in water with various berries; a cup of tea.

Snack: salad of tomatoes and white cabbage; low-fat kefir (200 ml).

Lunch: baked fish fillet and a couple of tablespoons of vinaigrette; green tea.

Afternoon snack: a glass of empty yogurt and a bunch of grapes.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with apple and tangerine.

Day 5

Breakfast: boiled buckwheat and stewed cabbage; green tea.

Snack: 3-4 tbsp. l. vinaigrette.

Lunch: boiled beef fillet; a bowl of low-fat meat broth; cucumber and tomato salad; baked apple.

Afternoon snack: a couple of walnuts; a cup of green tea.

Dinner: a portion of vinaigrette and baked fish fillet.

Day 6

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries; a glass of natural yogurt.

Snack: a handful of cashews and 2 tbsp. l. low-fat cottage cheese.

Lunch: buckwheat porridge and vinaigrette; green tea.

Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir and a small banana.

Dinner: baked fish fillet and fresh tomato; half a glass of yogurt or kefir.

Day 7

Breakfast: a portion of vinaigrette and an apple.

Snack: pear and a glass of kefir.

Lunch: boiled fish or meat fillets; 2 tbsp. l. vinaigrette; a cup of green tea.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries, seasoned with a little yogurt.

Dinner: boiled oatmeal; salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs; a cup of green tea or kefir.

Contraindications to a vinaigrette diet

  • People with osteoporosis who are not recommended to include beets in the menu should not get too carried away with the use of vinaigrette.
  • It is also unsafe for diabetics to eat a lot of vinaigrette due to the high sugar content of beets.
  • With urolithiasis, stomach ulcers, gastritis, colitis, one should be careful about such nutrition.

Advantages of a vinaigrette diet

  1. During a diet on vinaigrette, there is no strong feeling of hunger.
  2. It can be observed at any time of the year, since the vinaigrette contains inexpensive and almost always available products.
  3. The multicomponent nature of the dish makes it very useful.
  4. Beets contain a lot of betaine, which ensures the prevention of gastrointestinal and liver cancer, vitamin P, which increases the elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels. Eating beets promotes liver cell renewal, improves blood circulation, and treats stomach ulcers. Carotene in carrots has a positive effect on vision, cardiovascular system, normalizes blood glucose. Green Pea Glutamate reduces the risk of heart attack, supports mental activity, slows down skin aging, improves sleep, and even has the ability to reduce hangover.
  5. Pregnant women can and should use vinaigrette. The body of the expectant mother needs vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber, which are present in this delicious dish. They also help to avoid constipation. In general, boiled vegetables (but not overcooked!) Normalize stool.

Disadvantages of a vinaigrette diet

The disadvantages can be attributed only to the monotony of the menu on a mono-diet. Only avid lovers of this salad or those who have iron willpower can eat like this.


It is not advisable to repeat any option for losing weight on a vinaigrette earlier than a month after the completion of the technique.

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