Vegetarianism: where to start?

Vegetarianism is not a diet, but a way of life. Being a vegetarian is fashionable, and following a vegetarian diet is beneficial. It’s actually easy to become a vegetarian. True, it is necessary to take the first step towards a new power system correctly. Then the transition to it will be painless, and the body will feel an incredible surge of vigor and strength from the very first days!

Where to start?

This question has been troubling humanity for more than a dozen years. Professionals and amateurs offer their own options for solving it. But, as practice shows, it is still worth starting with the search for information.

Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention not only to authoritative sources, but also to blogs of famous vegetarians, random publications of doctors and developments of scientists. Everything is important: someone else’s experience of switching to a new food system, the difficulties that come with it, options for getting out of current situations, a description of any changes, the norm and deviations, examples of a vegetarian menu, diet planning and recipes for interesting vegetarian dishes. At this stage, you need to find answers to the questions: What is true vegetarianism? Which of its types is better to prefer? Do I have any contraindications to it? How can it help me personally?

The more useful information is processed, the easier it will be in the future. When temptations appear, misunderstanding on the part of others and, finally, a frantic desire to return everything to normal and succumb to the “persuasion” of the body to eat a piece of meat.

Oriental literature

Dreaming of being happier with vegetarianism? Then oriental literature is exactly what you need. The fact is that India has been a vegetarian country from time immemorial. Today it is home to over 80% of vegetarians. All of them have adhered to the principles of vegetarian nutrition for centuries, since they firmly believe that the unjustified killing of innocent animals is a great sin.

Here, there is a certain philosophy of nutrition. For locals, vegetarianism is not or. This is a sure way to find a way to the heart of any person, and first of all yourself, and become spiritually rich.

Moreover, in India, vegetarianism is closely related to yoga. Vegetarians from other countries say that it is she who allows you to quickly change your taste habits, it is easier to go through the adaptation process and become spiritually richer and happier. So maybe this is a reason to practice?

First steps

If a sudden transition to a vegetarian menu is not considered, it is reasonable to prepare for it in advance. Do not give up your favorite steaks and meat medallions overnight. Better to start by preparing your first healthy meal. The one that can replace them in the future. Only by fully appreciating its unsurpassed taste, it will be possible, without fear, to rebuild your diet.

Moreover, the vegetarian menu is not so meager. On the contrary, it can be much more varied than the meat-eating one. And all because there are plenty of vegetarian recipes. Where to find them? In Italian, Georgian, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, Balkan, Czech, Russian and our country cuisines.

After the first tasted dish, you can move on to the second, third, tenth … Experimenting and personally convinced of the extravaganza and the fullness of new tastes at some point, you can realize that there is no place for meat in the diet.

Phasing is our everything

If you can’t painlessly refuse animal protein, you can resort to trick, gradually reducing its amount in dishes, and then completely reducing it to nothing. How to do it? Start cooking cutlets, meatballs, zrazy, meat rolls and other minced meat dishes with cereals and vegetables. Initially in a 50×50 ratio. Then the proportion of cereals and vegetables should be increased, and the proportion of meat, respectively, reduced. This will deceive the body and, finally, it will be easier to transfer it to a vegetarian menu.

The main thing is not to linger at this stage for a long time, despite the “tempting” prospects. And remember what it all began for.

As practice shows, and help to speed up the process of switching to a vegetarian menu. Due to the fact that fried food stimulates the appetite, it is better to replace it with boiled or baked food. Moreover, in this form it is even more useful.

Planning your diet

When the stage of partial or complete rejection of meat has passed, it’s time to start planning your diet. Feeling unwell, hair loss, or lack of energy is nothing more than the result of neglecting this stage.

Refusing meat, you need to be ready to replace it with something. In this case, legumes, nuts, soy products, cereals and even some vegetables, for example, are ideal.

In addition to protein, vegetarians can suffer from a lack of vitamins D and B12, iron, calcium and acids. Of course, they are all found in cereals and plant foods. But the most interesting thing is that you need to not only find them, but also correctly present them to your body so that it assimilates them accurately. Have you heard about the reasons for better and worse digestibility? If not, they need to be sorted out.

Digestibility: what is it and why

It can take a long time to talk about the conditions under which the same foods are absorbed better or worse. In order not to go into details, nutritionists mention that it is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits with fatty foods, for example, with vegetable oils. In this form, they are better absorbed. Foods that contain iron are best eaten separately from those that contain calcium and caffeine. Otherwise, not all of the “benefit” can be obtained. But if you supplement them with products with, this very “benefit” can be doubled.

As for the one about which legends and myths are made, only some medications can impede its absorption. And our body can synthesize it on its own, however, in a healthy intestine.

Let’s talk about a vegetarian menu?

For some reason, thinking about vegetarianism, everyone imagines boiled vegetables, cereals, nuts and fresh fruits. Of course, you can eat them, content with little. Or you can flip through the pages of cookbooks and websites and find something more acceptable for yourself.

Moreover, there are various recipes for making pizza, ravioli, all kinds of salads, risottos, tortillas, fajitos, lobio, soups, mashed potatoes, moussaka, bramborak, croquettes, paella and even cutlets without meat at all. Fast and delicious! And, most importantly, for the benefit of the body.

It is better to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. You can have snacks between meals. Desirable healthy – fruits, nuts or seeds.

How not to break down? Tips for beginners

Ancient sources and true vegetarians insist that vegetarianism is a way of life, a philosophy, and not just another dietary system. Nevertheless, for many people who have become accustomed to meat and fish in their diet since childhood, switching to it can be a real challenge.

Especially for them, advice from “experienced” is collected on how not to succumb to temptation and not turn off the intended path. They are as follows:

  • Continue reading books on vegetarianism… This will allow you to understand why it is necessary to abandon animal proteins. You can also view the blogs of vegetarians. They contain a lot of useful and interesting information.
  • Search for like-minded people… Not necessarily in the neighbors. There are a sufficient number of forums on the network where experienced and novice vegetarians are looking for answers to all questions, consult with experts or just chat heart to heart.
  • Search for new and delicious vegetarian recipes… Monotony is the enemy of harmony, without which it is impossible to truly enjoy life. And this applies not only to the vegetarian menu. That is why you need to constantly look for something new, try and experiment. Ideally, there should be at least 1 new dish per week.
  • Make sure you have vegetarian food in advance… In other words, cook before work what you can eat after. Thus, the body will not be tempted to eat “unlawful”. The same goes for travel and business trips.
  • Use spices actively… It is a storehouse of nutrients and an excellent flavor enhancer.
  • Search for a hobby, try to take your free time with something really interesting.
  • Always be in a good mood, enjoy life and remember that vegetarianism is a step towards a new life!

Vegetarianism: 3 weeks on the road to happiness

And now for the pleasant! Remember that the habit develops for 21 days? So, the transition to vegetarianism is no exception! This means that it will be difficult to adhere to the new principles of nutrition only for the first three weeks, after which the body will finally get used to it. Of course, the temptations will not go anywhere, and perhaps even a secret desire to succumb to them. But it will now be much easier to resist them.

They say that vegetarianism is a real art. The art of being healthy and happy. Believe it or not – it’s up to you. Moreover, having made the first step towards it, you will find out about it very soon!

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