Vegetarian stars. Maybe you didn’t know about them yet!

Today we will introduce you to these talented, bright, successful people who have consciously chosen an ethical “green” diet.

1. Ariana Grande () is an American singer and actress who performs on Broadway and plays in films. Recipient of a prestigious award AmericanMusicAward. She fell in love with the public partly due to her defiant hairstyles and outfits.

2. Carrie Underwood () – a country singer, in the past – the winner of the popular TV show “American Idol“(2005). Grammy nominee. Her studio albums and singles are sold in the US and around the world in record numbers, many songs have become super hits. And she’s just beautiful.

3. Ellen DeGeneres () American actress, comedian and TV presenter, owner of an unusual but attractive appearance, sophisticated (sometimes masculine) wardrobe and eleven Emmy awards for her The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Host of two Oscars (2007, 2014).

4. Jared Leto (). Famous Hollywood actor (“Mr. Nobody”) and heartthrob unusual role – the villainous character of the Joker in a fantasy film based on comics DC“Suicide Squad”. The role is ambiguous in style, and besides, Leto recently dyed his hair in a bright blonde (with a platinum sheen), so that evil tongues joke that he is gradually turning into Pamela Anderson. But even they admit that Jared (not to mention Pamela) is charming to the point of impossibility.

5. Johnny Galecki () – a famous Hollywood actor who played in the films “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Mr. Bean”, “Vanilla Sky”, “Hancock” and “Time”. Technically, he is not a vegan, but, but Johnny lives in a log house, plays the cello well and is thinking about veganism, so membership in an elite club is conditionally counted.

6. Laura Prepon () – American actress who played in the TV series “House” and “Castle”. Known for several roles of female prisoners, which gives rise to dubious jokes like “did they give her tofu instead of meat in prison?”

7. – this rock musician, singer and composer, one of the best bass players of all time and one of the founders of the legendary band “The Beatles” is certainly a star of the first magnitude and needs no special introduction! But still not everyone knows that he is a staunch vegetarian and an activist in the movement for animal rights, in defense of the environment, a participant in many other “green” actions. Moreover, he also raised his daughter (Stella McCartney) as a vegan and animal rights activist. Bravo, Paul!

8. Sarah Silverman () is an American stand-up, film and television actress, a well-known satirist. Emmy award winner and … 29th number in the hit parade “100 Sexiest Women” magazine “Maxim” (2007). Proved once again that veganism and good looks go hand in hand.

9. Ink Ferler () is a famous singer and actress. She starred in a PETA ad promoting neutering and neutering pets (to avoid abuse of puppies or uncontrolled breeding of dogs on the streets) with her dog, a former gay figure (now married). A cult figure in the American pop and indie music scene.

10 Travis Barker () – a famous drummer (including groups), plays music in the style of punk, rap and others. Started playing drums at age 4, has an amazing amount of tattoos all over his body, number 32 on the list of the 50 greatest rock drummers. Vegan and just the soul of any (well, almost any) campaign.


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