Vegetarian confirms: discrimination against vegans is a myth. Poll results

The first question in the questionnaire was about Half of the respondents (52%) answered that the field in which they work complies with ethical standards. This destroys the view that the labor market is dominated by companies that are far from the concept of “ethics”. And yet, 15% have difficulty finding work that matches their principles, and 16% clash with colleagues because of their views. Together, this is a third of those who participated in the survey. However, only a few respondents spoke about the dismissal.

vegans also paint a rather rosy picture. “Quite comfortable” feel 80%, although only 20% of them live surrounded by vegan loved ones. The rest, communicating with people who hold other views, do not feel discomfort, which means that despite the small number of vegans, there are enough fellow citizens who sympathize with them. And it pleases. 14% answered that they meet like-minded people only on the Internet, and they have no vegan friends in their city (we, in turn, hope that does not let these people feel lonely!).

A “sick” question for every fifth vegan is (precisely 20% admitted that they have difficulty finding a life partner). Indeed, the family is not only communication, but also a common kitchen. One eats baked zucchini, the second wants a cutlet. At the same time, 70% of the respondents are in harmonious relationships, and not only with like-minded people. True love makes people tolerant and tolerant – in the end, there is always the opportunity to adapt to everyday life if your global earthly goals coincide.

60% of readers don’t feel . But a third say that loved ones are constantly trying to “feed” the poor vegan. Well, this is to be expected in a country where it is believed that a good child should first of all “eat well.” Let’s be lenient, try to turn conversations with incomprehensible relatives into a joke. Perhaps your grandmothers and aunts still remember the times when sausage was on coupons, and you had to stand in line for two hours.

It is also encouraging that, in total, almost 80% of the respondents do not have, even if they have to be ordered in online stores. True, we cannot say whether they live in metropolitan and large cities or in the provinces. Sadly, 17% say that their diet is still quite poor. The main food of vegans is vegetables and fruits, followed by cereals. If, as a rule, there are no problems with cereals, then vegetables and fruits in central Russia are a seasonal product. In addition, the quality of imported fruits often leaves much to be desired, and prices can “bite”. The way out is your own garden, preparations for the winter, and if there is no dacha, then you can grow many crops at home on the balcony. Let a small harvest, but saturated with your own love and care, is three times more useful.

Once again, I would like to thank those who took part in the survey. As you can see, despite the prevailing opinion, vegans for the most part feel socially adapted and professionally arranged. They do not wear natural fur coats and leather shoes, they do not eat honey, but they are no less happy for that. But that little animal became happy, which is not destined to become someone’s food or a collar on a coat. And from this, the amount of happiness in the universe grows.

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