Is it useful to eat hot and spicy food?
Is it useful to eat hot and spicy food?

Many lovers of peppercorns in food – some with iron receptors can every day get addicted to spicy food while remaining calm and very happy. Does that entail a habit? How often can you do it?

Why is hot helpful

Spicy food stimulates circulation, and thus we get warm, normal blood pressure, dilate the blood vessels. Adrenaline has the strength to work, improves mood, increases vitality.

Any pepper contains vitamins and minerals – leaders of vitamins a and C, strengthening the immune system and help fight viruses and bacteria. In the cold, spicy food helps to increase perspiration and reduce body aches from high temperatures. Spicy good punches nasal congestion and helps with cough.

Spicy foods due to the stimulation of the digestive system help in the fight against excess kilograms. The substance capsaicin contained in savory foods burns fat and speeds up metabolism.

The savory flavor of food helps you relax and fight insomnia. Because of the spicy food, the feeling of fullness comes faster, and at night, the body is not distracted by digestion. Plus, spicy food stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin – the hormone of pleasure.

Why is spicy harmful

Sometimes when an excess of acute heartburn occurs. By itself, it only causes discomfort, but the complex can be a symptom of incipient problems with digestion. The most common cause of abuse of spicy food is gastritis. And if heartburn will pass after a while, the diseases of the stomach become chronic.

Due to the specific effects of spicy food on our acidity, gastric juice, and creating an environment for bacteria, after a meal with spice can cause unpleasant breath. And if it’s lunchtime and in front of communicating with people, then spicy food can become a hindrance to your active social life or a romantic date.

Sharp notes in food can score the availability of other flavors to our receptors as if shouting over them. Over time, the receptors wean to distinguish nuances of taste, and it’s fraught with problems because you can restore the sensitivity of the taste buds is tough.

When tasting spicy food, listen to your body. If you feel the rejection, discomfort, pain, spicy food – not yours, is it because politeness or delicacy is not worth it. If you can’t live without burning the mouth and esophagus taste, reflect on the gravity of the consequences and try to reduce spicy food in its menu. Learn how to use the spices in moderation. You can extract maximum benefits without harming your health.

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