Top 10 Weight Loss Foods


A sports figure is achieved in a difficult way – this is regular training, and “drying” the body, and a healthy lifestyle. Treasured relief or cubes can only be purchased after losing weight, and for this you will have to include special products in the menu.

For some reason, many avoid diets after reading about debilitating “cucumber” or “water” days. These extreme methods are the strongest stress for the body, which leads to an emergency storage of useful components when leaving the diet. Therefore, you need to lose weight correctly – slightly adjust the calorie content of the diet and add fat-burning foods to the menu. No, you don’t have to “choke” on vegetables and cereals, because lipid breakdown is characteristic of some very tasty and satisfying ingredients.

Consider the TOP 10 products that contribute to the rapid loss of extra pounds and the overall improvement of the body.

10 Fresh grapefruit juice

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

This citrus is the leader in the ranking, as enzymes and other substances in its composition activate metabolism, ensure the rapid absorption of nutrients and the breakdown of fats. Also, fruit juice provides the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the cells, which already contributes to the rapid loss of 1-2 kg in a few days. The calorie content of grapefruit is only 30 kcal per 100 grams, so feel free to drink a glass of drink daily. This is best done half an hour before a heavy lunch snack, when you plan to consume a maximum of carbohydrates or, for example, fatty meat. By the way, the fructose in grapefruit well eliminates the feeling of hunger, so nectar can kill your appetite for a couple of hours.

9. Green tea

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

The fragrant drink has always been famous for its ability to remove extra pounds thanks to tannins, catechins and other fat-burning components. Thiamine breaks down visceral and subcutaneous lipids, which are the most difficult to get rid of for a well-fed person. Also, natural green tea without the addition of sugar and flavors accelerates the metabolism well, providing better absorption of food and reducing the risk of its deposition on the thighs. Scientists have calculated that about 5 cups of unsweetened tea allows you to lose an additional 80 kcal per day. If you add low-fat milk to green tea, you can completely replace one snack and still lose weight.

8. Cinnamon

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Oriental seasoning perfectly regulates the content of sugar in the blood plasma, moderates appetite and starts metabolic processes. The fat-burning properties of cinnamon have long been known, as well as its ability to strengthen the immune system. On cold winter evenings, make yourself a spicy ginger and cinnamon tea while watching the fat mass melt away. Cinnamon can also be added to coffee, diet pastries, meat dishes.

7. Coffee

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Natural brewed coffee without flavors, milk powder and sugar contains virtually no calories. By themselves, the grains perfectly suppress appetite for several hours, reduce cravings for glucose (that is, for sweets), help remove fluid from the body (loss of the same 1-2 kg), speed up metabolism by 20% and burn calories more actively. A couple of cups of a moderately strong drink will allow you to lose extra grams of fat. If it’s hard to drink natural coffee, add sweeteners, fructose and only skim milk, but it’s better not to get carried away with cream, ice cream (glass), syrups and alcohol (Viennese coffee), otherwise the properties of the drink are leveled.

6. Dark chocolate

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Thought weight loss would be boring and tough? Not at all, because no one canceled useful sweets for weight loss. Cocoa beans perfectly interrupt appetite, satisfying the body’s need for glucose. Of course, we are talking only about dark chocolate with a cocoa content of about 70%. In the diabetic or diet departments of the supermarket, you can already find dark chocolate with fructose or other sweeteners, which makes it a desirable product for losing weight. The body is fueled by the energy of chocolate and begins to break down calories more actively, accelerates metabolism.

5. Avocado

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Many people avoid avocados as a diet food because of the rumors about their high fat content. Yes, the fruit contains oleic acid, but it helps fight cholesterol and regulate body fat levels. There are about 100 calories per 120 g – a rather big indicator, but this energy of the fruit is not deposited by fat on the sides! On the contrary, such nutritional value allows you to quickly eliminate the feeling of hunger, for example, with one avocado you can replace a full-fledged snack, and even lose weight at the same time. And yet, nutritionists do not advise eating more than 1 fruit every 2 days.

4. Watermelon

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

The melon culture is a storehouse of dietary fiber and antioxidants, which helps to cleanse the digestive tract and improve digestion. The fruit itself contains complex sugars that perfectly satisfy hunger and do not transform into fats. Moreover, watermelon is 90% water – imagine that you are just drinking rich nectar without artificial colors, sweeteners, refined sugar and other chemicals that industrial juices are rich in. The diuretic effect of the berry allows you to quickly get rid of summer swelling, as well as clean the stomach and intestines from toxins, which will allow you to lose weight by at least 1 kg without unnecessary body movements. Therefore, for the entire period of August-September, nutritionists recommend leaning on watermelon more often, or you can replace one of the snacks with it.

3. Curd

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Here is another product that will not make losing weight go hungry. Moderate fat cottage cheese (preferably up to 5%) is a valuable source of proteins and calcitriol, a natural hormone that destroys fat at the cellular level. The casein protein in the composition of the fermented milk product is perfectly digested and “deceives” the body for several hours, during which a person does not have a feeling of hunger. Dinner or breakfast with cottage cheese is a complete meal, the calorie content of which is not worth worrying about. You can sweeten the product with a spoonful of natural honey, dried fruits or fresh berries. But we do not recommend adding sugar or sour cream to those who are losing weight.

2. Vegetables

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

All vegetables are complex carbohydrates that are slowly broken down and do not settle on our figure with hated kilograms. At the same time, they are more desirable for losing weight than fruits and berries, since they practically do not contain sucrose and fructose. Some green vegetables and garden greens (celery, spinach, etc.) even have a minimum or negative calorie content, so they actively contribute to weight loss. Dietary fiber cleans the digestive tract from toxins, which also has a beneficial effect on the figure.

1. Pineapple

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Fresh fruit contains bromelain, which allows the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. The coarse fibers of the fruit make the body quickly process food and get rid of toxins, which takes enough energy. Substances in pineapple break down existing fats, and fructose perfectly saturates and interrupts appetite. For weight loss, it is recommended to eat pineapple immediately after taking a heavy and fatty meal, you can also drink a glass of fresh nectar. What should be avoided in the diet is the canned version and industrial juices.

As you can see, the diet does not have to contain “weed” and “water”. Together with hearty cottage cheese, sweet chocolate and fruit abundance, you can lose those extra pounds without taking additional weight loss measures.

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