Scientists told about consequences of a late Dinner and no Breakfast


It turns out, if you often refuse Breakfast, thus you increase your chances of dying from a heart attack. To the same disastrous consequences дуфвы the food for the night.

To such conclusion came the Brazilian scientists who conducted the study with 1130 people. All participants had one thing in common, they had been diagnosed with one of the severe forms of heart attack — myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation (STEMI).

The average age of participants was 60 years, 73% of them were men. Patients were interviewed about their habits related to nutrition, and also about admissions in Department of cardiac intensive care.

People told, whether they had Breakfast in the morning and whether they had food two hours before bedtime.

As it turned out, Breakfast was missed 58% of the volunteers, and 51% had late dinner, and both habits were at 41%.

Scientists noticed that for people with both dietary habits the risk of death, re-infarction and angina was 4-5 times higher within 30 days after discharge from the hospital.

Scientists told about consequences of a late Dinner and no Breakfast

How not to fall into the risk zone

Breakfast should provide the body with 15-35% of the total daily calories. And the interval between sleep and dinner should definitely be at least two hours.

More about late dinner consequences watch in the video below:

Why is Late Night Eating Bad for You? | Human Longevity

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