The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device


Consumers are increasingly health conscious, and they are right. In family or in couple, health by the plate made its way as well as the need to respect the needs of the organization by integrating more fruits and vegetables. Increasing your energy level and keeping your figure are also good motivations.

Switch to living food and a nice wishful thinking, but what if you’re chasing time?

How to get out of the frozen and industrial foods trap? If time is your first obstacle despite this great motivation to change your eating habits, then read on.

A device like the Panasonic juice extractor may well become your best ally in the kitchen, because fruit and vegetable juices are exactly what you need. Fast, economical and perfect for balancing all-day meals.

An extractor from this brand is very affordable and therefore allows everyone to test and form their own opinion. One thing is certain, it will save you what you lacked until now: time and energy.

The Panasonic at a glance

In a hurry and no time to read the rest of our article? No problem, we have prepared a short summary of its technical characteristics with its current price.

Main functions and mode of use

Making your own juices is excellent for your health and on many sites, you will find tasty recipes that are easy and quick to make: oranges, kiwi, apples, pears, but also carrots, beets, fennel, parsley, ginger …

All you have to do is choose plants to your taste or for their nutritional qualities, peeled or not if they are organic, cut them and pass them through this wonderful new little robot that you have just offered yourself!

This will separate the pulp and the juice, giving you the best of fruits, vegetables and herbs: vitamins and nutrients, in record time.

No need to spend your money on organic foods anymore! The juice will be at its maximum efficiency if you drink it immediately after extraction, but you can keep it for three days in the refrigerator if you wish! Zero pesticides, zero preservatives or dyes. Goodbye invisible sugars or hidden salt! What good for your body …

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The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device
A vertical extractor that does not take up space

How does the Panasonic juice extractor work?

Due to its well thought-out system (the base of the pressing screw in contact with the steel grid), the Panasonic juicer is designed to optimize juice extraction. It produces juice for about two, three people. The pitcher can hold 0,98 liters.

Slow extraction

The extraction is carried out at low speed (45 rpm) to preserve a maximum of flavors, nutrients and vitamins, and the juices produced, rich and delicious, are of high quality. Nothing to do with industrial juices which mainly contain water and glucose syrup.

The extractor grabs the food as it goes. So no need to exert strong pressure on the vegetables to crush them. It is powerful and fast, and allows you to squeeze almonds for example or frozen fruit to make sorbets.

The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device
The extractor with its accessories

Very practical reverse function

It has an auto reverse function in case of food blockage and of course, it is designed with two outlets and two “bowls”, one to receive the pulp and the other the precious liquid! Its non-slip feet ensure its stability during execution.

Warning ! : fruit and vegetables for juice must be cut before being put into the extractor so as not to weaken the filter. Do not add water and mix only foods that contain juice.

Nice design

Black and silver in color, it is not too heavy (4 kgs) and takes up little space on the worktop. All in length: (43 cm high and 17 cm deep). You understood it is a vertical extractor.


An average guarantee

Its durability is estimated at three years if daily use and its spare parts warranty is 2 years from the manufacturer Panasonic.

With a mid-range price, it remains relatively cheap compared to the big brand like Omega or Kuvings. With a bit of luck and on sale this is a cheap extractor


The problems encountered

Despite very satisfactory average usage, some users noted that you should avoid loading too much fiber vegetables at the same time.

It is also a question of a small cap that must not be forgotten to remove and put back after maintenance, and the jar, which during intensive use, vibrates under the force of the rotation, comes off a little of its base which can cause concern for intensive use and call into question the durability of the product.

It is also necessary to slowly insert the vegetables into the machine so as not to “row the engine”.

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The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device
An excellent quality / price ratio

FAQ: Why buy an extractor when I already have a mixer that could do the trick very well?

This is a question one can ask before buying the Panasonic extractor. Very active people often neglect their diet and its deficiency.

Some even think they are eating well by applying the basic dietary rules (one protein + one cooked vegetable + one starch + one dairy product per meal). But this is not the case because nothing is “alive” on their plate and it will stall them but will bring them little energy.

This link will explain to you why vitamins, nutrients, enzymes are essential for your body.

But let’s come back to the question of the mixer. Compared to an extractor, the blender only purees the food. The juice is mixed with the pulp and fibers and this mixture takes a long time to be digested unlike pure juice.

In addition, the speed of the mix and the friction induced by the rotation of the blades causes a rise in temperature which largely destroys the famous vitamins and precious nutrients.

The Panasonic extractor gently separates the juice from the less noble part by a slow compression and preserves the precious enzymes and vitamins necessary for your well-being. Because of its rapid assimilation, it brings you an immediate and natural boost: no need for expensive food supplements whose real composition and origin are unknown.

Here are also some videos to help you take your first steps, which will make your mouth water.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Panasonic extractor

The Panasonic juicer is a good product, perfect for a person wanting to test fruit and vegetable juices, as its price is very affordable compared to its competition.


  • it can also be used to make soups, cocktails, sorbets, gazpachos, soy milk …
  • Practical, assembly and disassembly is designed to be simple on a daily basis
  • Its vertical design is pleasant, modern, and prevents it from taking up too much space in the cupboards
  • It is efficient and fast (you can mix almonds without problems for example)
  • The device grabs the plants inwards, no need to push them
  • It is practical and quick to wash, delivered with a brush head
  • It comes with a bowl for freezing
  • It is not very noisy: (“silent” motor) in view of its power (61 decibels for a power of 150watts)

The inconvenients

  • In terms of juice volume, it is a little less efficient than its competitors
  • The extracted juice contains a little pulp
  • It is not designed for daily or professional use but rather bi-weekly, for a small family, because it is less solid than its competitors
  • Its warranty is two years, shorter than for other models
  • It is not designed for smoothies or coulis.
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What do users think?

Although many users appreciate it and its low price, some observations of weaknesses have been noted over time and some questions “can we mix frozen fruit for example” remain unanswered in the instructions for use (in related to what the warranty covers).

Although users are generally very happy with it, (many positive reviews) the main criticism made to this model seems to be the need to filter sometimes when the device lets pulp pass, especially for extracting juice from carrots.

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Alternatives to Panasonic

The OMEGA 8226

The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device

The OMEGA 822, for example, is one of the best-selling models in the United States.Although its price is much higher, the Omega 8224 extractor offers better performance in terms of durability and solidity (it commits to a warranty age 15) .Click here for his full test

It is less noisy, produces around 20% more juice than the competitor mentioned above and according to some this quickly absorbs the price difference especially since it filters better and hardly lets any fiber / pulp pass, which is the primary objective of this type of robot when buying them.

Son prix:[amazon_link asins=’B007L6VOC4′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’bonheursante-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’9de50956-0ff0-11e7-a2e9-9d7cc51c9d6c’]


The Panasonic juice extractor: a great mid-range device

BIOCHEF ATLAS is guaranteed for life for the engine and offers automatic cleaning and an enzyme protection system.

Son prix: [amazon_link asins=’B00RKU68XG’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’bonheursante-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’1c2ac444-1012-11e7-8090-2fc83baa7a62′]

Our conclusion

Although it is a bit tedious to read the technical notices, each extractor has its own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing for you is to find the device that best meets your expectations and therefore to define your needs first.

The value for money of this Panasonic model is interesting

The satisfaction rate of users is generally high, because it allows very quick access to a first experience in terms of juice and to test the health benefits without breaking the bank. [Amazon_link asins = ‘B01CHVYH8A, B013K4Y3UU, B01LW40TUO, B01KZLEJ32 ′ Template = ‘ProductCarousel’ store = ‘bonheursante-21 ′ marketplace =’ FR ‘link_id =’ b30c36c9-1011-11e7-bb3c-eb59afb5df06 ′]

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