The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine


If you are looking for a versatile juicer and tend to juice green often with wheatgrass or green leafy vegetables then this may be the machine for you.

 The Omega 8226 (ou8224 for the white model) is one of the best-selling devices on Amazon, in the category of masticator extractors. We will explain how it works below.

Note that this model is the European version of the Omega 8006 (which is the American version) it is also the best-selling model on the Amazon site in the United States. A pledge of guarantee therefore.

The extractor at a glance

No time to read the rest of our test, no problem! Here are the essentials to know about this product.

  • 15-year Omega warranty
  • 80 revolutions per minute
  • Powerful 150 watt motor
  • BPA Free Guarantee
  • Chimney diameter: 3, 81 cm
  • More than a simple extractor: it allows you to make nut butter, sorbets, pasta, and even grind coffee.
  • Thanks to its low speed of rotation and cold pressure, the juice can be kept for up to 72 hours (in the fridge)
  • Avoids foaming and pulp production


  • Durability: 15 year warranty
  • Produces an excellent, very rich juice
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for green juices
  • Multifunction 


  • Takes up some space
  • Small enough chimney opening size
  • Noisy

How the Omega 8226 works

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Omega 8226 is a cold masticator extractor. That is to say, it will squeeze and extract the juice very slowly thanks to a screw without and a sieve. This process allows to retain the maximum of nutrients.

The pulp comes out on one side and the juice on the other. It is very easy to use.

The Omega brand is serious!

We must admit Omega is serious. The brand offers quality extractors at reasonable prices. It offers a guarantee that can be found in almost no competitor: 15 years. On the device: engine and parts.

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Extractors are very well thought out with very often very simple cleaning and great ease of use.

The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

Device test in detail

Design and quality

I know some people who don’t like his look, but I find him quite nice. The chrome appearance makes it very easy to clean, with a wipe of the sponge and it shines again. 


It is a horizontal extractor and therefore takes up a little more space than the vertical models. Consider this if you live in a very small studio.

Discover the advantages of a horizontal extractor here

Quality level is solid. Omega has thought about intensive use for the device. Note that the screw seems to wear out after a certain time of use. But the warranty covers the change if necessary.


What kind of juice to make with it?

Omega 8226 works for all types of juice and is particularly recommended for green juices. By this we mean juices with wheatgrass, kale or any other type of salad or green leafy vegetables.

You can of course use it for all types of vegetables, but also for fruits.

On the other hand, the opening to put the food is quite small, about 4cm in diameter. The consequence is that you will have to cut certain vegetables into small pieces. Fruit and vegetables also often have to be pushed up the chimney.


Quality level of the juice you will not be disappointed. If the preparation can take a little longer, the volume of juice produced is excellent. In addition, it produces very little foam.

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The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

Other uses

We have already mentioned it to you, it is a device which is very versatile. And for good reason, the production of juice is one use among others.

You can also do:

  • Grind coffee, herbs, garlic
  • Make pasta, peanut butter, vegetable milk.

It’s a bit out of the juice box, but I think it’s worth mentioning. It’s always interesting to have a multipurpose machine. As it also takes up space, the less it will be used often.

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How long can I keep my juice?

You can keep your juice with Omega for up to 72 hours after pressing and I admit that from time to time it is practical.

The slow rotation combined with a narrow neck or pass the food avoids the entry of too much air. The air which is responsible for the oxidation and therefore for the faster degradation of the juice.

The goal is still to drink your juice as quickly as possible, but you don’t always have time to prepare one every morning.

Quick and easy cleaning

With the Omega 8226 it is in your interest to clean your machine immediately after making your juice. It’s a bit tedious, but it’s the rule if you want to keep your robot for a long time and have excellent juices.

The good news is that cleaning is really easy. It disassembles into 4 pieces and you can rinse the pieces under water. So allow between 5 and 10 minutes (for a thorough cleaning) to wash and dry your extractor.

The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

The juice of the Omega 8226 is excellent

Guarantee and lifetime

This is one of the strengths of the Omega brand and of this juicer in particular.

First of all, you have a 15-year warranty with the purchase. No need to subscribe to an extended warranty that sellers will try to sell you.

Then, the device itself is very well made and seems solid and will allow regular use (for me it’s every day) provided of course to take care of it and clean it often.

The choice of colors

And yes, you have the choice between 2 chrome or white colors. For the French market, our choice is limited to that. While for the US market you can have it in red, green, purple and even pink. But that’s not really the most important aspect of course.

The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

The auger or auger that presses the food

Where is it made?

As with the other Omega extractors this device is made in South Korea.

User reviews

After having analyzed and compiled several hundred opinions concerning this machine, on many different sites, the conclusion is simple: it is surely the most appreciated extractor in its category (and also the most sold).

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Some criticism is made regarding the opening for inserting food which is a bit small. This therefore means a pre-cutting and therefore a slight waste of time.

Some people do not like parts of the appliance that are made of plastic and come into direct contact with food.

Another small problem, it is a bit noisy, but nothing to do with a juicer and it seems to bother some users.

Despite these few criticisms, a very large majority of users love their machine. The juice is excellent and with very little foam. This is not the case with all extractors. The volume of juice produced is also a very good point.

Added to this is quick and easy cleaning, usually no more than 5 minutes. And finally, it is very easy to use and learn.


Versatile, easy to use and with a fairly high price, but not among the most expensive either, the Omega is for us surely the best extractor in its category.

It excels in the production of green juices, wheatgrass or leafy green vegetables. Also perfect for apples and cucumbers. And other vegetables.

As it is not vertical, it will regularly ask you to push the food up the chimney.

Solid and robust, it has a 15-year warranty.

A choice that I think you will not regret.

The alternatives

Omega Sana 707

The latest from Omega. This device with a sleek design and I admit, nicer to look at than the 8226. In addition to the juice sieve and the homogenization sieve of the Omega extractors, the Sana 707 includes a nectar sieve. You will be able to change the thickness of the juice according to your wishes.

The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

Bio Chef Atlas

A little cheaper than the Omega, the Bio Chef Atlas offers a lifetime warranty on the engine, and 5 years on the parts. Quite interesting offer therefore. In addition to being compact and silent, it also has an automatic cleaning system.

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The Omega 8226 juice extractor: a versatile and efficient machine

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