The most beautiful and successful athletes of Yaroslavl


These girls are the pride of the Yaroslavl region: athletes and beauties. They have won the podiums in a variety of sports. Skates, a snowboard, a volleyball, a barbell, a tatami, a racing car – these beauties can do everything! Today the girls themselves told Woman’s day about themselves and their achievements. Meet, admire, be proud – and vote for them on the last page. Voting will last until January 15th.

Valeria Viktorova, sports acrobatics

Age 20 years

Achievements: In sports for 13 years. Master of Sports in Sports Acrobatics. Multiple champion of the championship of Russia and the championship of Russia. Champion of the international competition “Volkov Cup”. World champion, two-time European champion. 3 years in a row was included in the top 10 best athletes of the year in the Yaroslavl region.

Interesting fact: Now I work as a trainer in the gym. I train Lokomotiv hockey players – we do stretching with them, it is very important for hockey players. I also train children in the sports acrobatics section.

What’s next: I do not part with sports – I train, but in a different direction, I took up bodybuilding (fitness). And there are already results: she won the championship of the Yaroslavl region, the open cup of the Ivanovo region and took 4th place in the championship of Russia.

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Age 27 years

Achievements: The captain of the women’s volleyball team “Yaroslavna-TMZ”, for which I have been playing for almost 10 years. Together with the team, Yaroslavna won the right to participate in the Major League A tournament – in the second most powerful division of Russian volleyball. But due to financial difficulties, the team was unable to enter this tournament and continued to play in the Major League “B”. We do not give up and continue to fight.

Interesting fact: I do not consider myself a beauty, but there were moments when I was prejudiced because of my appearance. Relations with the so-called girlfriends did not even work out very well. I have many acquaintances, but few real friends. This is probably how it should be.

What’s next: I’m not a fan of changing surroundings. I like everything in Yaroslavna, so together with the team we will try to get through to the Major League “A” and attract attention to ourselves.

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Ksenia Parkhacheva, cheerleading

Age 23 years

Achievements: Graduate of the Caprice Dance Club (2002-2011), laureate of the All-Russian competition in Kazan (2010). Currently, the cheerleader is a member of the Lucky star cheerleader.

Interesting Facts: It seems to me that I was born dancing, all my childhood at home I danced in front of the mirror under a cassette tape recorder, then my mother at the age of 10 sent me to the Kapriz dance club, where I studied dance for 9 years in a large friendly family and made friends with girls there, with which we are now dancing in the Lucky star support group. For me, dance is like a drug that I have enjoyed for 13 years now and I just can’t stop.

What’s next: I plan to dance as long as fate and health allow me. And if even further, then my cherished dream is to give birth to a daughter who will continue my hobby!

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Natalia Ivanova, cheerleading

Age 23 years

Achievements: Graduated from Yaroslavl State Technical University with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management (in the chemical industry) with honors.

Interesting fact: I always looked at cheerleading girls with their mouths open – they were so beautiful, slim, athletic and funny. I was lucky that my mother knew the coach of the only support group “Grace” at that time in the city of Yaroslavl – Yulia Igorevna Tikhomirova, who advised me to take my daughter to this sport. So I got there at the age of 14, linking my life with this favorite activity. And for 9 years now I have been giving myself to the dance direction.

What’s next: I work at the “City TV” presenter of the weather forecast. In addition, I really like to be active in social activities at my beloved university. I am a member of the YSTU Students’ Union, where I help students in staging dance numbers for various university and interuniversity events.

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Natalia Stenenko (Zueva), rhythmic gymnastics

Age 27 years

Achievements: Five-time European champion, three-time world champion, Olympic champion in 2008, Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

Interesting fact: She came to the sport for her sister, since at that time she was 4 years old and did not go to school, she did not take to any other circles – she was still small. I didn’t want to stay at home. After working out for 7 years, I decided to end up with sports, I hardly did it for a year, then, having switched to another coach, I fell in love with gymnastics again.

What’s next? Create a strong family. Now only at the initial step. And there are a lot of plans.

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Alexandra Savicheva, kudo

Age 17 years

Achievements: Black belt, 1st dan. I am a 5-time winner of the Russian championship and the winner of the world championship in 2014. And if about cups and medals, then I have about 80 cups and about 100 medals And at the last tournament at the Russian championship in 2015 I was recognized as the best athlete of the year and the best technique in the tournament …

Interesting fact: My parents gave me to such a fighting sport as kudo when I was 7 years old. I was little and still didn’t know exactly what I wanted, so I also went in for swimming and dancing for several years in parallel. And I still remember how I entered the hall for the first time. Mom jokingly said: “We are leading the future champion.” The coach smiled. But from the first days of training, I was different from everyone, and the coach devoted most of his time to me. Since kudo is a young sport, there were no kudo girls in Yaroslavl at that time. Therefore, I performed among boys until about 11 years old. And absolutely did not allow anyone to win. The first serious tournament in my career was the Russian championship, then I only trained for a year and immediately took 3rd place. Honestly, I didn’t even know that this was the country’s championship, I went out and fought, not paying attention to what kind of rival was in front of me.

What’s next? For 10 years now, as I have been doing kudo, the level is completely different, the competition is growing, but on the contrary, it moves me forward. My coach calls me “a samurai in a female guise”, I always keep this in my head and never stop there. Therefore, the World Cup and the World Championship are ahead in the adult category. This is my goal, which I strive for.

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Age 27 years

Achievements: The latest achievements of the 2015 fall season – the champion of the Moscow region, the absolute champion of Moscow and the vice-champion of Russia, qualified as a master of sports in fitness and bodybuilding, and was included in the Russian national team in bodybuilding and fitness.

Interesting fact: She began performing in the spring of 2015 in the fitness bikini category. In the first year, she became a master of sports and became a member of the Russian national team and showed excellent results in two categories. And for the fall I was already preparing for another category – body fitness. In the fall, she began to train under the guidance of the capital’s coach Iveta Statsenko. I am the face of a sports nutrition store.

What’s next? Plans for the spring 2016 season – a victory in Europe.

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Olga Novoselova (Novozhilova), volleyball

Age 30 years

Achievements: CCM in classic and beach volleyball. Classic volleyball is a multiple champion of regional and city competitions. From 2010-2015 she played for the VC Yaroslavna-TMZ (a women’s volleyball club from the city of Tutaev, Yaroslavl region, playing in the European Zone of the Major League “B” of the Russian women’s volleyball championship). The best achievement – the team became the champion of the Major League “B” of the Russian Championship 2015. Champion StudentsportFest 2015, Moscow. Beach volleyball – multiple champion of regional and city competitions, prize-winner of the Central Federal District championship in beach volleyball in 2014; winner of the All-Russian Beach Volleyball Festival in Yaroslavl “Fitness without a subscription” 2014; winner of the Beach volley Road Show in Kolomna 2014; winner of Bobrikov open 2015, Turkey, Antalya.

Interesting fact: Our whole family is athletes. Mom is a volleyball coach and a participant in Russian competitions among veterans, sister is engaged in volleyball, dad is a football player. I started playing volleyball with my mother, Svetlana Novozhilova, from the 6th grade. Prior to that, she was engaged in swimming, acrobatics, athletics. She has been sociable since childhood, so she preferred team sports to individual sports. Although I do not have good growth data, my speed and reaction are at my best!

What’s next? The next priority is, of course, the family. In August 2015, I got married and moved to St. Petersburg. There are many tournaments – both in classical and beach volleyball, so I will keep in good physical shape in the future.

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Victoria Solovieva, cheerleading

Age 19 years

Achievements: As a child, she was engaged in artistic gymnastics and received the second youth category. For a long time she was engaged in dancing and only at the university did she try herself as a cheerleader. At the moment, I am the captain of the support group of my faculty (won prizes in inter-faculty competitions) and a member of the main team of the Lucky star support group.

Interesting fact: I came to the support group by chance (they offered me to go to the casting), I never thought that this kind of activity would be able to pull me in so much. That the training hall will become a home, the collective will become a family, and dancing and performances will become a part of life.

What’s next? I would very much like to continue to study and develop in this direction. But first you need to get an education, and everything else later.

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Age 25 years

Achievement: During my school years, I received the qualification of a candidate for master of sports, and all this thanks to my mother, who took me at the age of three to the rhythmic gymnastics section. Sports ballroom dancing and acrobatics took a special place in my schedule. Thanks to such a busy childhood, now I work in the creative industry. Now my dancing family is the support group “Grace”, this is my first working season in the team, and I thank fate for being in the hands of professionals – Yulia Tikhomirova and Yulia Klimovitskaya.

Interesting fact: My mother’s talent for creating exclusive outfits with my own hands was passed on to me. This is a great help for my career, we create all the costumes ourselves.

What’s next? To launch our own clothing line, to give birth to healthy children, not to abandon a creative career as long as possible, well, to live the remaining ¾ of the century cheerfully.

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Lyubov Nikitina, freestyle

Age 16 years

Achievements: 1st place in the Russian championship, newcomer of the year in world ski acrobatics, 1st place in the overall standings of the European Cup, 1st place in the overall standings of the Cup of Russia, qualification – master of sports.

Interesting fact: From the age of 6 I was engaged in sports acrobatics, and my brother was with me. Only I performed on the carpet with the girls, and he jumped on the acrobatic track. Then he wanted to try his hand at freestyle, and he really liked it. Well, I follow him!

What’s next? To become an Olympic champion or at least a medalist of the Olympic Games.

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Olga Belyakova, short track

Age 27 years

Achievements: Multiple champion of Russia, silver medalist of the European Championship, medalist of world cups, participant of two Olympic Games.

Interesting fact: came to short track with her twin sister Nastya. The results grew in competition with each other. Then Nastya went deeper into her studies and helped me keep up with the school curriculum.

What’s next? I am raising my 10-month-old son, I train, I will try to return to the national team.

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Age 26 years

Achievements: Bronze medalist of the 1600Н offset of the 6th stage of the Russian Cup in rally “Peno-2015” as a pilot. Bronze medalist of the R2 standings at the final stage of the 2015 Russian Rally Championship “Foothills of the Caucasus” as a navigator. Silver in the Standard category at the Petrovskaya Versta mini-rally. In fact, it is too early to talk about achievements – there is a lot to learn.

Interesting fact: I got into the rally by accident. I met the STK Motor racers while working as a journalist. We were invited to watch the “Golden Domes – 2013” race held near Petrovsk. From the very first time I got sick with motorsport. Already in 2014, she rode several races in the right seat as a navigator. And in 2015 I decided to try myself as a pilot of a “combat” car.

What’s next? I really want my future life to be connected with motorsport – I am making every effort for this. I would like to achieve results and mastery, both in piloting and navigating. It remains to find stable funding.

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Olga Tretyakova, rhythmic gymnastics

Age 20 years

Achievements: Master of Sports of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, member of the national team of the Yaroslavl region, winner of the Central Federal District championship in the team competition, winner of international tournaments, club and regional competitions.

Interesting fact: My parents sent me to rhythmic gymnastics, since they themselves were athletes in gymnastics, my mother was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, and my father was engaged in acrobatics. Sport taught me to set goals and achieve them, brought up a strong character and fortitude.

What’s next? Now I am studying at the Pedagogical University as a coach and I am already starting a coaching practice.

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Anastasia Klyushina, cheerleading

Age 21 year

Achievements: from the age of 7 I have been developing in two directions – choreography and folk dances. She took part in gymnastics competitions. Then she decided to try her hand at a modern style and for two years was a soloist of the Extreme Style dance group. 8 years in the support group of HC Lokomotiv.

An interesting fact. At the age of 9, I found myself playing hockey with my parents. Seeing the performance of the Lokomotiv team support group, I realized: “This is what I want.” Dreams are destined to come true! A few years later, my mother accidentally saw an advertisement for a casting for Grazia. I started to prepare hard and thanks to my mother who supported me throughout all 3 rounds, I successfully passed the selection.

What’s next? Trying to live “here and now”, to appreciate every day I have lived, I never stop thinking about the future. I am always in dancing, and dancing is always in me. And also, as a “real girl”, I dream of a cozy house where kids run around with a mischievous gleam in their eyes, where relatives gather and share something important and intimate, and, most importantly, that there is a loving and reliable man nearby.

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