The mistakes that lead you to eat more and worse


The mistakes that lead you to eat more and worse


Eating quickly is one of the factors that determines not being able to gauge the amount of food you eat

The mistakes that lead you to eat more and worse

To eat healthy you have to plan the menu in advance. This is how Dr. Nicolás Romero would summarize the mistakes that are made when trying to lose weight. “The big mistake is to abandon the three courses and simplify the menus with snacks in which fruit is usually abandoned as dessert,” he reveals. In his book “If you like to eat, learn to lose weight”, he comments that most of us follow an impulsive and improvised diet, in which ultra-processed foods are replacing fresh foods almost without realizing it. In this way, he says that during talks with his patients, in which they usually do a count of menu content for the last month, interesting questions such as these are discovered:

– The portions are usually larger than you remember.

– They come to meals very hungry and devour.

– They eat so fast that they are not able to gauge the amount of food they eat.

– They drink sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages during the meal.

Altogether, as Dr. Romero reveals, some of his patients find by counting what they consume each day that take in many more calories than they think. «On some occasion I have counted more than twenty pecks in the same day. The snacks began shortly after breakfast, with rolls and soft drinks, and ended at two in the morning, with chocolate and cold cuts. Many are convinced that they do not eat enough to be like that, but the truth is that they do not take into account the meals between meals “, argues the author of” If you like to eat, learn to lose weight. “

The key, he explains, is that they tend to deceive themselves into feeling like they are eating less. Some of the “tricks” that are often used to get that feeling are spending a little time eating, doing it standing up, or rushing, taking whatever they have on hand, cutting out some foods at each main meal, and eating small portions at each meal. most important meals of the day.

Another common self-deception has to do with physical exercise. “Walking for an hour at a normal pace can make us lose 250 calories and to lose a 100-gram bun you have to walk for almost two hours. That is why you have to be careful what you eat. Those who say that they get off the feast with a couple of walks are wrong. It is not that easy. Exercising doesn’t use up as many calories as you tend to believe, ”he reveals.

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