The majestic ruby ​​and its purpose

The sun, the main source of energy on Earth, is embodied in such a precious stone as a ruby. It consists of aluminum, chromium, oxygen and iron. According to Indian astrology, it is the ruby ​​that is associated with the Sun and symbolizes life, energy, passion, enthusiasm, confidence, happiness.

Astrologers believe that people whose birth chart has the Sun on the “positive side” will experience a positive effect from wearing a ruby, and that this gem will help them achieve great heights in life. It is worth noting that the ruby ​​is not suitable for all people and it is recommended to consult an astrologer before making a decision regarding this stone.

1. Ruby is known for being an influence that stimulates happiness, builds character, and develops leadership qualities. A real precious ruby ​​will protect its owner from evil spirits, ghosts (if any) and bad auras.

2. Ruby contributes to the achievement of the “name”, status and popularity of a person. The stone also increases the capacity for creativity and confidence in one’s personal life.

3. Ruby is the image of the solar plexus chakra in the body. It helps to get rid of fears and depression, increasing self-confidence and passion. Proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra also contributes to the health of the stomach.

4. Ruby will especially help representatives of the following professions: engineers, doctors, geologists, lawyers, clothing merchants, stock brokers, executives.

5. Ruby is highly recommended for those who have faced financial problems and difficulties in business. It will allow you to attract good luck and wealth to its owner.

6. Ruby will come to the rescue of those couples who have a serious discord in their relationship. This stone improves interoperability and dispels negative thinking, bringing love, happiness, and harmonious relationships into your life.

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