The Importance of Structured Water

In terms of what we need to sustain life, water is one of the first places. This life-giving substance represents 60% of the total volume of the human body, without which our body undergoes dehydration and dies within a few days. Even though we are very lucky to have constant access to drinking water, is it safe? Compared to what our ancestors drank thousands of years ago, modern water from a tap or store bottles is undoubtedly a loser. According to the theory of structured water, unfiltered, not mechanically purified and not processed in any way, water contains more energy in itself. The structured water molecules in our cells have a higher level of electrical charge which helps the cell to function. When our cells are optimally charged, our muscles and tissues work properly. However, chemically treated tap water, with various toxins and abnormal levels of estrogen, has an altered structure, losing most of its beneficial properties.

According to Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington: . Structured water, according to many researchers, has an optimal pH balance. The actual structure of a cell is a kind of matrix that is made up of various acids (some of which are proteins). The space between the acids is filled with water, which has a positive or negative electrical charge. Standard water purification processes destructure the molecules in the process. When water does not have its original structure, the human cell “suffers”. In particular, protein molecules do not function properly. This negatively affects the work of muscles and tissues, forming a predisposition to injury. It is believed that the water in the cells and the whole body is able to rebuild, being exposed to certain sources of energy. Such sources can be the sun, the earth, infrared light, and even human touch. Ultraviolet light can affect the structure of water in cells, which is why it is used as a natural treatment for muscle and skin problems. “Grounding” – the practice of being in direct contact with the earth’s surface while walking barefoot or lying outdoors – also affects the structure of water in the cells in a positive way. The scientific theory of grounding is that the body absorbs negative electrons from the ground through the soles of the feet, which changes the “chemistry” of the body. Structured water is still available in some parts of the world. It includes springs, thermal waters, clean mountain rivers. There are several ways to structure water at home. On sale there are shungite stones used for structuring water. Drinking structured water helps:

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