The effect of peach on the human body
The effect of peach on the human body

Velvety beauties that have different colors, different taste bouquets, but they are all surprisingly juicy, fragrant, sweet and delicious. Peaches! It is impossible to pass by the counters with these fruits, they beckon and invite. It is necessary to eat them, and we will tell you why.


Early varieties of peaches are available to us already in June, the season also lasts for July and all of August inclusive.

How to choose

Ripe peach has a rich aroma, it slightly springs when pressed. Choose fruits without damage, dents and rotten spots.

Useful properties

The peach has a very useful composition, it has managed to contain organic acids: malic, tartaric, citric; mineral salts: potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium; vitamins: C, groups B, E, K, PP and carotene, as well as pectins and essential oils.

Peach perfectly provokes the appetite, give it to children who do not like to eat.

It improves the secretory function of the stomach and promotes the digestion of fatty foods. Due to the large amount of fiber, it improves digestion, regulates the activity of the intestines.

It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, fights pathogenic microbes and viruses.

Due to the presence of magnesium, peach improves mood and has a positive effect on mental balance.

Potassium salts are indicated for heart rhythm disorders, anemia and other heart diseases.

Peaches have also found their use in cosmetology. They have anti-aging properties for the skin, smooth and moisturize it. And the fruit acids contained in the peach exfoliate dead cells and lighten the skin.

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Since the peach contains a large amount of sugar and carbohydrates, it is worth limiting its use to overweight people and diabetics. Allergy sufferers should take into account the fact that peaches have a velvety surface with pollen, so allergic reactions are possible.

The effect of peach on the human body

How to use a peach

Of course, there is plenty of fresh fruit to eat! And after that, you can prepare jams and jams from peaches, add them to compotes and salads, bake them in the oven and even on the grill. Prepare peach sorbet, bake the most fragrant pies. And peaches are also used to prepare sauces for meat and poultry dishes.

Sweet peaches to you!


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