The country’s top police officer is a vegetarian

Rashid Nurgaliev was born in 1956 in a family of career policemen. Graduated from Petrozavodsk State University. From 1979 to 1981 he worked as a teacher of physics. In 1981 he began serving in the KGB. Since 1995, he served in the central office of the Federal Counterintelligence Service, and then the Federal Security Service. From 1998 to 1999 he headed a department of the Main Control Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation. Since 1999, he headed the department for combating smuggling and drug trafficking of the Department of Economic Security, then he was deputy director – head of the inspection department of the FSB of Russia. In 2002 he was appointed First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia. In 2004 he was appointed Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation. Married, two children. The people are already making up jokes about pot-bellied, clumsy policemen. Especially about traffic cops. And how many figurines are sold in cheap souvenir kiosks! Well, it’s actually not all that bad. As a former police officer, I will share a secret: many law enforcement officers from the outside seem full because of the heavy and massive body armor worn under a pea jacket. Even my wife at one time was surprised: the patrol guys would come to visit – normal, slender guys. And when you see them at work – some kind of koloboks. However, a bulletproof vest is a bulletproof vest, but the physical form of at least half of our law enforcement officers leaves much to be desired. But the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rashid Nurgaliyev, even in a bulletproof vest, is in no way suspected of being overweight. Although a few years ago, a short general weighed … about a hundred kilograms! And in a few months I lost 30 kg! I managed to have a little frank with him at one of the hockey rinks, where the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been a frequent guest lately. – A sedentary lifestyle, a large amount of work, in which you forget about normal nutrition – all this led to the fact that at one time it became elementary difficult to exist. And it’s unpleasant as a man who respects himself,” says Nurgaliyev, taking off his helmet. And how did you manage to achieve such impressive results? Super diet or medicines what? – In no case! No medication. The recipes for a healthy lifestyle are extremely simple, you just need to clearly and constantly follow them. This is just the hardest thing. That is, the moral factor is to want to change yourself, to love yourself in the end and hold on. And the rest, everything is even trite: no alcohol, no heavy food and exercise. Moreover, there should always be time for physical education. It is not necessary to do exercises in the morning. And, let’s say, I had a free minute or just looked up from my papers for a few minutes, stood right in my office, took a hoop, twisted it for at least three minutes. And you will be stunned by the results, trust me! — Rashid Gumarovich, what is proper nutrition for you? – In principle, for the normal form of the body, it is enough not to overeat, eat according to the regime, without exchanging for sandwiches at any time, and not eat at night. But for myself personally, I chose a tougher option, apparently, I felt that at this stage in my life I was ready for it. I have been a vegetarian for some time now. In general, I eat little, I manage with nuts, herbs, vegetables and fruits. And, as you can see, I feel great.      

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