The condition of your nails will tell you about your health

Often, even with a cursory glance at a person, one can assume whether he is feeling well. Too much betrays us: gait, look, condition of skin, hair, teeth … The condition of our nails is of no less importance in this series.

Even without being a doctor, it is easy to guess that, for example, the owner of peeling nails with deep grooves may have metabolic problems.

Most of all, hypovitaminosis affects the condition of the nail plate: from a lack of vitamins A, E, C, the nails begin to exfoliate and break. However, there may be several reasons for this: lack of iron, zinc, selenium or calcium; exposure to aggressive cleaning agents; long stay in a humid environment.

Lack of vitamin C or folic acid can cause brown spots on the surface of your nails.

The appearance of longitudinal grooves on the nails may indicate the presence of a focus of chronic inflammation in the body or a serious lack of protein. Transverse grooves often appear due to an infectious disease, or severe stress (for example, undergoing surgery or a long diet).

Often, multiple white dots appear on the nails – a sign of zinc deficiency or excessive blood sugar. If they do not go away for a long time, you should pay attention to the state of the cardiovascular system.

Discoloration of nails is a serious diagnostic sign, provided that it is not caused by smoking or the use of dark varnish without a base under the varnish. Yellowing may indicate diseases of the liver and gallbladder, and darkening and softening of the nail plate is an indicator of anemia and impaired blood supply to the fingertips.

Of course, the above symptoms are very conditional – if you suspect any disease, you must consult a specialist. These are just those guidelines that are needed in order not to lose health in the eternal race of our everyday life, because often, all we need is just to be a little more attentive to ourselves …

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