The Bisexual Myth

The world has become accustomed to the fact that some are sexually attracted to men, others to women, and still others to both sexes. Although the latter option most likely does not exist – this is the conclusion of American and Canadian researchers, as reported by The New York Times.

Scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago and the Center for Mental Health in Toronto (CAMN) invited 101 young male volunteers to study, of whom 38 considered themselves homosexual, 30 hetero- and 33 bisexual. They were shown erotic films featuring either men or women and measured objective physiological indicators of arousal.

It turned out that those who considered themselves bisexual reacted differently to men and women: three-quarters of them showed arousal in the same cases as homosexuals, the rest were physiologically indistinguishable from heterosexuals. Bisexual reactions were not detected at all. In the light of these data, bisexuality looks like self-deception.

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