The best face creams after 40 years 2022


You can help your skin correct age-related changes even after 40 years. But from now on, it is necessary to pay more attention to facial care. How to choose the best face cream after 40 years, we will tell you in this article

Face cream is a barrier and protection of the skin from adverse conditions. Applying a cream to the face is a routine procedure that every woman performs daily in the morning and evening to create a barrier between the skin and the environment. Also, the main function of the cream is to eliminate skin imperfections and maintain its radiance and elasticity. What creams after 40 years should you pay attention to, what should be in their composition, we asked Anna Vyacheslavovna Zabaluevadermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, trichologist.

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1. Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist – Collagen Face Cream

The product is based on innovative technologies aimed at intensively combating age-related changes. The cream contains vitamin C, two types of peptides, one of which is from legume extract, the other is of synthetic origin. This complex induces the intensive work of the process of collagen synthesis, which, in turn, with each application, increases the level of elasticity and density of aging skin. Added vitamin C will improve skin texture: reduce the severity of age spots, smooth wrinkles, saturate cells with moisture. Suitable for any type of skin aging, because the smoothing effect is proven.

Cons: does not eliminate pronounced pigmentation.

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2. La Roche-Posay Redermic C10 – Intensive Anti-Aging Care

The action of this cream is revealed due to the significant concentration of vitamin C in the composition – 5%. This value allows you to use the cream on a daily basis without fear. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen protein, the skin is smoothed and becomes radiant. Also in the composition, there are hyaluronic acid and thermal water, which moisturize and soothe the skin. The cumulative effect appears over time: the complexion acquires a more even tone, pigmentation is less pronounced, the skin shines. The use of this tool every day, implies the mandatory use of sunscreen cosmetics.

Cons: increases the photosensitivity of the skin, so sunscreen is required.

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3. Biotherm Blue Therapy Red Algae Cream

Components of marine origin, brought to perfection, resist the “tired” type of skin aging, when the main problem is not wrinkles, but a fuzzy oval of the face. The cream has not only moisturizing, but antioxidant properties. The formula of the product has a high concentration of molecules derived from red algae. The ultra-light, pink texture of the cream with small light-reflecting particles literally envelops the skin of the face with a pleasant feeling of comfort and a delicate aroma of freshness. With each application, the skin texture is tightened and moisturized, and its contours become clearer. Suitable for dry, dehydrated and normal skin.

Cons: takes a long time to absorb, high price compared to similar products of competitors.

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4. Filorga Lift-Structure Crème Ultra-Liftante – Ultra-Lifting Face Cream

The formula of the cream is based on active ingredients that are used for injection procedures. NCTF® complex (consisting of over 30 beneficial ingredients), hyaluronic acid, Plasmatic Lifting Factors® complex (includes cell growth components that have a lifting effect), edelweiss and algae extracts. It is this composition of the cream that will not easily moisturize and soften the skin, but will also increase its protective functions: it will smooth out wrinkles, reduce creases, and tighten its structure. Suitable for daytime and evening use for all skin types. A visible effect is guaranteed as early as 3-7 days after application.

Cons: high price compared to similar products of competitors.

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5. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift “Laser x3” SPF 20 – Day anti-aging face cream

The triple anti-aging effect of the cream is aimed at immediately correcting the complex of problems of aging skin: wrinkles, loss of tone and severity of pigmentation. It contains proxylan, a component that smoothes wrinkles, lipohydroxy acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, and hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture in skin cells. In addition, the composition of the product contains sun protection – SPF 20, which will be enough in the city.

Cons: takes a long time to absorb, can roll on the face.

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6. Natura Siberica Caviar Gold – Rejuvenating Day Face Cream

Thanks to modern technologies, a combination of components such as black caviar and precious liquid gold easily penetrate the skin, increasing the “anti-age” effect: they restore at the cellular level, even out skin tone, and provide the missing lifting. The melting texture of the cream, upon contact with the skin, immediately begins to have a rejuvenating effect, helping to transform aging skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Cons: There are no sunscreens included.

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7. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

You can slow down the formation of mimic wrinkles and deep creases on the skin of the face with the help of this cream, because the composition contains extracts of Japanese plants that have a special recipe for beauty and youth. A delightful floral fragrance, with an optimistic note of orange, calms and relieves stress at the same time. The cream aims to smooth wrinkles, eliminate dullness and protect against photoaging. Suitable for all skin types.

Cons: high price compared to similar products of competitors.

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8. Estee Lauder Resilience Multi-Effect SPF 15 – Lifting Day Cream for Face and Neck

Intensely nourishing and youthful care from a famous American brand, literally puts you in control of the aging process. The care contains innovative ingredients: tripepdides – capable of starting the processes of cellular skin rejuvenation, IR-Defense technology – protecting the skin from damage by infrared rays, sunscreens and antioxidants – protecting against external environmental influences. Existing wrinkles are quickly smoothed out, providing the epidermis with hydration and comfort throughout the day. Suitable for dry aging skin care.

Cons: not suitable for use in summer, high price compared to similar products of competitors.

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9. SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

The active complex of the cream consists of lipids, which is aimed at combating age-related problems such as tightness, dull complexion and loss of skin elasticity. The formula in the name of the cream “2:4:2” is not without reason, its value indicates the correct concentration of ingredients that can restore essential skin lipids: 2% ceramides that restore the skin’s protective barrier; 4% cholesterol, which strengthens the lipid barrier and elasticity; 2% omega 3-6 fatty acids that stimulate lipid synthesis. The texture of the cream is thick, slightly stretchy, but not at all sticky, so it is quickly absorbed. The product is suitable for the care of dry aging skin, especially in winter.

Cons: fast consumption.

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10. Babor HSR Extra Firming Lifting Cream Rich – Lifting cream for the face and correction of all types of wrinkles

The magnificence of the unique formula and the sophistication of the packaging of the product, gives rise to an amazing balance of this product. The formula is based on 5 highly effective ingredients that fill mimic wrinkles and retain moisture inside the cells of the epidermis – the patented HSR® complex, oat proteins, panthenol, shea butter, jojoba and mango seeds. The cream effectively works with the gravitational type of skin aging, ensuring the correct tension of the facial contours and the stability of the skin elasticity index day after day. Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

Cons: high price compared to similar products of competitors.

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How to choose a face cream after 40 years

The appearance of signs of aging in each woman occurs individually. Wrinkles do not form all at once, this process is gaining momentum with age, lifestyle and genetics, explains Anna Zabaluyeva. Anti-aging creams after 40 years, as a rule, have certain functions that are aimed at correcting the signs of aging for this age.

They contain patented complexes, a large number of effective ingredients, which in turn are still concentrated. Try to choose products from the same manufacturer’s line: day, night, serum, eye cream. In this case, they will only complement each other’s work. The presence of SPF in day creams for aging skin is also desirable, if it is not included in the composition, use additional sunscreen. Consider your type of skin aging, its basic needs, and choose your care based on this.

The key components that should be included in 40+ creams are:

Expert Opinion

What to look for when choosing creams?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the packaging. It should be made of quality material, preferably not letting the sun’s rays through. As a rule, a special spatula is attached to professional creams, which helps to measure a certain amount of cream from a jar, avoiding contact with fingers and oxidation of the substance. Such trifles allow the cream to retain its declared properties longer and delight you with its result. The second – be sure to study its composition when buying a cream. Namely, the declared ingredients on the package will have an effect on the skin of the face and neck.

How to apply this cream correctly?

The main rule for using cream for skin 40+ is consistency. It is self-discipline and regularity that will bring the desired effect of the cream. The action of creams has a cumulative effect, so the result should be expected no earlier than 3 weeks from the start of regular use. Apply the cream after make-up removal and washing on clean, dry skin. Thus, it will be better absorbed, and the active substances that make up its composition will have their effect.

How to store such a cream?

It is better to store the cream in a dark, cool place, away from direct sunlight and batteries. Compliance with these simple rules will make the skin look fresh, radiant, well-groomed and will give a great mood to its owner.

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