The benefits of a detox cure in spring

The benefits of a detox cure in spring

Be careful, a cleansing cure is not a diet. It is not intended to lose weight. Here is what it is advisable to apply: 

Favor light meals, most of which goes to fruits and vegetables. Opt especially for those which contain vitamin C such as citrus fruits or acerola, bet for a cooking with the vapor which makes it possible to preserve the vitamins and nutrients contained in the vegetables without adding fat (broccoli, green beans, etc … ) and add to the menu certain draining and antioxidant foods such as black radish, artichoke or lemon.

Diversify his menus in order to avoid weariness and to eat with pleasure. Vary the flavors and colors to make your plates pretty and appetizing. Avoid fatty meats and prefer lean meats such as chicken or turkey to fill up on animal protein, or even soy or tofu for their vegetable protein content.  

Avoid stimulants like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Take the opportunity to reduce or even quit smoking altogether! Eliminate or reduce from your diet refined sugars and animal fats too high in saturated fatty acids. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee since it is very rich in antioxidants.


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