The art of giving and receiving. 12 secrets of successful gifts

1. A gift for everyone. In the pre-holiday bustle, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where there are more guests than planned, or receive a gift from a person you did not expect. In order to avoid misunderstandings, make sure that there are nice cute gifts at the ready – for those who drop by your holiday, or for those with whom you find yourself in the same company. Agree, it’s rather embarrassing when someone is with a gift, and someone is left without. In addition, it is also a pleasant opportunity to get to know each other.

2. It seems to be so obvious, and yet, incidents sometimes happen. Check if you have removed the price tag on the gift. Exceptions are cases when the gift being given is covered by warranty service (a receipt may also be required).

3. Time and place. When visiting, do not rush to present a gift right in the hallway, it is better to do it in a relaxed atmosphere in the living room or in the guest gathering room.

4. When giving a gift, look into the eyes of the recipient, remember to smile and wrap him in warm, sincere congratulations. And if you are attaching a card to the gift, write a few words by hand.

5. Avoid the phrases “I went around the whole city before I found it” or “Sorry for such a modest gift.” Hinting at the difficulties associated with finding and buying a gift can easily confuse the recipient. Give with pleasure. 

6. Do not bother with questions after “Well, how do you use it? Like?”.

7. Festive elegant packaging is one of the important attributes of a gift. Rustling wrappers, bright ribbons, colored bows – this is what creates that delightful atmosphere of magic – for both a child and an adult. And of course, unwrapping a gift is a special pleasure. 

8. The ability to give gifts can become a real art when you don’t just choose a souvenir, but when you hear about a person’s hobbies, secret or explicit desires in a conversation, you get right into the bullseye. However, those who are guided by the principle of practicality and choose a “necessary gift in everyday life” should remember that frying pans, pots and other kitchen utensils should be given only in the case of a “special order”. 

9. Gifts to Avoid: Mirrors, handkerchiefs, knives and other piercing and cutting objects. There are a lot of superstitions associated with these things.

10. When accepting a gift, do not hesitate to open the package and carefully examine it – with this simple, but very important action, you show attention and recognition to the person who presents the gift. And your joyful emotions are the best gratitude to the donor.

11. Be sure to thank for any gift. Remember, God has no other hands than the hands of another person. 

12. And finally, a tip that will allow you to create a warmer sincere relationship between you: if you use a gift, you liked it and you are glad that you now have it – take a couple of minutes to share this with a person who gave you this item. Just call or send a message. Believe me, he will be incredibly pleased. And you too. Express your feelings.

 Love, thank and be happy!


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