The 7 best natural self-tanners (prepare to have great skin)


Who has never dreamed of having beautiful tanned skin at any time of the year, all naturally? Self-tanner, we have all thought about it at least once in our life …

But you don’t want to end up colored like a crayfish by dosing the product incorrectly? Or like me, are you simply worried about the sometimes chemical composition of these tanning foods?

Summer is coming in a few months and it is high time to start pampering your skin and your good mood with our selection of natural self-tanners! We tell you everything you need to know to tan naturally and effectively before summer sets in.

But before I detail you the 7 best natural self-tanners, useful little feedback on tanning and more particularly melanin.

Tanning, a story of melanin

Exposing yourself for hours at the beach, we all know, is far from the best solution to having that tanned complexion of your dreams – or of your last vacation in Marrakech.

Your skin is having a hard time taking color due to the gray weather of the last few days and you are already depressed at the idea of ​​sunburn during your first exposures.

Melanin is a pigment naturally present in your body, which will protect you and give you that famous tanned complexion that we appreciate so much in fine weather.

Found in the skin, body hair, hair and the membrane of the eye, melanin plays a protective role. Indeed, it will protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

UV rays, which accelerate skin aging and the risk of skin cancer. Hence the interest in protecting oneself effectively and as naturally as possible.

However, when you use self-tanner, no matter how natural, the skin does not produce melanin as it does naturally after exposure to the sun.

Your skin, even if colored, is therefore not protected by the action of melanin. So remember to protect it on your own if you have to expose yourself and you don’t want to blush.

Come on, we’re done with the “scientific” part, make way for the 7 best natural self-tanners! And I’m not talking about those who color your skin until the next shower only …

With this selection, you should inevitably find the solution that will suit your skin and your desires. And we start with …

  1. The carrot

The 7 best natural self-tanners (prepare to have great skin)

“Eat your carrots, that makes you lovable… and you will have pink thighs”.

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Don’t hide, I’m sure you’ve heard or said this old French adage more than once! An adage to encourage the consumption of carrots, but why?


While its lovable properties are unproven, this vegetable has many other tricks up its sleeve! The carrot is the food that sits at the top of the pyramid to help your skin tan smoothly and effectively.

Rich in beta-carotene, its best known effect is to promote tanning and tan the complexion. Also rich in vitamin A and C, anti-oxidants, carotenoids and minerals, the carrot turns out to be the must of natural self-tanners! Drink carrot juice.

But how to consume it?

Don’t panic, you won’t need to smear fresh carrot juice on your skin to enjoy its benefits! Juiced, mashed, gingham or raw, continue to consume carrots as you did until today.


A juice of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits (carrot, apricot, fennel for example) is also perfect to start the day and help you hydrate and tan your skin!

And if you don’t like the taste of carrots so much, I have other solutions in my bundle too! You just need to add a little carrot juice to your face or body cream. And that’s all !

You can also make natural self-tanning masks made from carrots.

Example of self-tanning mask (1)

  • 1 dark carrot
  • 1 little olive oil or a few tablespoons of yogurt

Finely grate the carrot and mix it with olive oil or yogurt (preferably organic). Apply on your face / body and leave on for 20 minutes minimum before rinsing.

However, do not forget to hydrate yourself well daily, so that your tan lasts and is harmonious. Also note that as a replacement for fresh carrot, you can use carrot essential oil in small doses.

  1. Black tea

Black tea has many virtues and has not finished surprising us! Benefits for the cardiovascular system, fight against digestive disorders, improvement of blood circulation, fight against aging diseases thanks to its anti-oxidants …

Black tea is rich in tannins and theaflavin, two compounds known for their many benefits!

Theaflavin which, according to studies, can even destroy abnormal cells proliferating in the body before they turn into cancer cells and sometimes cause irreversible damage.

Who does not drink tea among you yet?

However, many people have tried tea self-tanner and have not found complete satisfaction. If you’re still interested in the recipe, go to the DIY Natural website.

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Otherwise, I warmly recommend that you go down a little further in our selection, to find a recipe that will make you enjoy both the benefits of black tea, but also a whole other gourmet food that you can find in your cupboards. …

  1. Cocoa

The 7 best natural self-tanners (prepare to have great skin)
Cocoa powder in spoons and cocoa beans on wooden background

No, no, you’re not dreaming ! Chocolate, and more specifically cocoa, is one of our skincare foods that will help you have beautiful tanned skin before summer.

I tested it as a face mask, associated with honey and milk and its action had already amazed me! So knowing that it helps us to tan… How can we resist it now?

As with the carrot or its essential oil, you just need to add a little 100% cocoa powder to your day cream for the face, without forgetting the body milk.

The tanned result should show the tip of your nose after a few days, leaving a pleasant scent on your skin …

And if you were looking forward to it, here is the famous black tea / cocoa self-tanning recipe? So don’t move and enjoy!

Homemade self-tanner – from site 2

  • Tea (a sachet)
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa butter
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Infuse 30 cl of tea so that it is concentrated. Melt the cocoa butter and solid coconut oil in a double boiler before adding the spoons of olive oil. Remove from heat and add the brewed tea.

Mix and let cool well before using.

  1. And DHA

Késako? We briefly leave the food circle and our kitchen cupboards. Dihydroxyacetone, of its little name DHA, is a natural cosmetic active ingredient, present in most self-tanners on the market.

Of 100% natural origin, DHA is used to obtain a light and tanned tan or a “healthy-looking” complexion.

Coming in the form of a white powder, you can simply add a small dose to your daily cream to get results quickly.

Note that DHA is easy to apply, that like any self-tanner, it is essential to apply it evenly and that regular exfoliation will help you perfect the harmony!

  1. Henna

Maybe you already knew about the natural benefits of henna for hair. Entirely natural and cheap with this, henna will help you find that tanned and cheerful face, a memory of your last vacation!

In addition to softening the skin, henna will moisturize and erase it and you will benefit from its healing action.

All you need to do is add a little hot water (or hydrosols depending on your skin or your tastes) to the natural henna and apply it to your skin. However, be careful with the exposure time, which varies according to your skin type!

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The longer it is, the darker your skin will be.

I can only advise you to test the mixture on a discreet place (inside the thigh for example) and to rinse after 2 or 3 minutes to see the result.

If it is too dark, shorten the exposure time or vice versa if you want a more tanned effect.

  1. Sea buckthorn oil

Also rich in beta-carotene, sea buckthorn oil (Hippophaë Rhamnoïdes) has beneficial properties for the body and the skin.

An oil highly appreciated for its “healthy glow” effect, but also for its anti-oxidants which protect our skin from skin aging and help it to regenerate.

Another positive point: it can be used by the whole family! And even children will appreciate the soft feeling it leaves on their skin!

  1. Self-tanning capsules or creams

The 7 best natural self-tanners (prepare to have great skin)

In a field easier to apply for people in a hurry, I also wanted to tell you about natural self-tanners in the form of tablets, capsules or creams.

For all those who do not have the time, these self-tanners with natural active ingredients could also be suitable.

There are multitudes of foods on the internet that can help you achieve that tan that is important to you. And the height of happiness?

Most contain everything I told you about in this article. Chocolate, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, DHA …

Here are some links that you might find useful if you are interested in this type of product:

In short…

I hope that among these natural self-tanners, some will have caught your interest! What could be better than being already prepared for summer before it arrives and being able to keep that little tanned complexion that looks so good on you all year round?

Natural solutions exist, so why deny them?

For more results, do not hesitate to carry out natural and / or handmade scrubs regularly and to protect yourself during your exposure to the sun!

And don’t forget, eat carrots! No matter which method you choose, it will only boost and sublimate your tan!

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