Testimonial: “I love being pregnant”


“I love to see my body transform. “Elsa

I could spend my life pregnant! When I am expecting a baby, I have a feeling of absolute fullness and I feel serene like never before. That’s why at 30, I already have three children and I’m expecting a fourth.

My husband would like us to stop there, but for my part, I cannot imagine for a moment not having more pregnancies after this one. It must be said that each time I learn that I am pregnant, a wave of emotion invades me and a feeling of intense happiness. I love to see my body transform. It starts with my breasts, usually rather small, which increase considerably.

Almost every day, I look at myself in the mirror to see my belly round. It’s a time when I’m very self-centered. The Earth could no longer turn round, I would not notice it! My husband has a lot of fun with my behavior and kindly puts me in a box. He’s a naturally tender man, and when I’m pregnant he is unparalleled kindness. He takes care of me, writes sweet words to me, and finally treats me like a real princess. He loves to stroke my belly and talk to the baby, and I like my man to be like that. He accompanies me at every stage of my pregnancy, and when I have the slightest anxiety – because it happens to me anyway – he is there to reassure me.

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I am fortunate not to experience nausea for the first few months, which helps me enjoy my pregnancy from the start. For my first three pregnancies, I suffered from sciatica each time, but it was not enough to depress me. As a general rule, I’m pretty fit except the last month where I dragged myself a bit, although I never put on more than 10-12 kg each time.

I never look forward to giving birth. I want to keep my baby in my womb for as long as possible. By the way, my first two children were born after term. I don’t really believe in chance! When I feel my child moving, I feel the center of the world, as if I were the only woman to experience such moments I am of a rather whole character, and I have a feeling of omnipotence when I carries life. As if nothing could happen to me. My two best friends tell me I’m exaggerating, and they’re right by the way, but I can’t see myself being any other way. They had two children each, and were relieved to give birth because they dragged themselves a lot at the end of the pregnancy. Whereas I, when it comes time to give birth, I am sad to let my baby come out. It’s like I have to make a superhuman effort to see him live outside of me!

Obviously, for my first three children, I had a rifle baby blues every time, but it never erased my happiness to be pregnant. When the days of depression are over, I quickly forget them to think only of my baby and the following!

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“When I’m having a baby I’m in a bubble. “Elsa

I come from a large family and this perhaps explains that. We were six children and my mother seemed happy to be the head of her little tribe. Maybe I want to do like her, and maybe even better by beating her record. When I say that to my husband, he tells me that it is crazy to imagine having more than four or five children. But I know I can make him change his mind when I tell him how fulfilling I am being pregnant.

When I am expecting a child, I am in a bubble and paradoxically, I feel light… The people in the street are rather nice: they give me room on the bus, well almost always, and are rather benevolent… Once my babies born, I prolong osmosis by breastfeeding them for a long time, usually eight months. I would continue fine, but after a while I ran out of milk.

Each pregnancy is unique. Each time, I discover something new. I’m getting to know myself better. I feel stronger to face life. Before having children, I was fragile and I felt attacked by many things. From the moment I had children, my character changed and I felt ready to stand up for my family against the whole world. I don’t proselytize. I do not preach for large families. Everyone has their own dream. I know that I am a bit special: I know the same difficulties as other women in raising children, I am not immune to fatigue, but that does not detract from my immense pleasure to be pregnant. I’m also more cheerful when I’m having a baby, and my husband is happy to see me so optimistic.

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It’s true that I’m lucky to have some help : my mother is very present to look after my children or help me at home. Besides, I am his spitting image both physically and psychologically. She loved all of her pregnancies and apparently passed her genes to me.

I am a mother hen: I surround my children a lot, as if I wanted to recreate a bubble around them. My husband struggles a bit for his place. I am aware of being a mother wolf. I am surely doing too much, but I do not know how to do otherwise.

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