Every Russian entrepreneur is interested in staying afloat during the difficult post-pandemic period and even increasing the profit margin. You can get valuable information on how to adapt your business to modern conditions at the autumn conference on digital technologies for business Tech Week 2021. The event will take place over three days, from November 9 to 11, at the Skolkovo Technopark in Moscow. Participants will be able to listen to the reports of top experts, attend master classes and presentations of dozens of start-up projects. Thanks to this, they will receive relevant and effective solutions for their work tasks.

One of the most relevant and interesting topics today is the use of blockchain technologies. At the Tech Week 2021 multi-format conference, business owners will be able to learn about innovations that their competitors have not yet applied, and will receive case studies and business tasks from progressive market players. Here you can book a ticket for the event.

Who should definitely take part in the Tech Week 2021 conference

  • Business owners.
  • Investment funds and private investors.
  • Heads of companies, top managers.
  • Developers and inventors of new solutions and technologies.
  • International and Russian startups.
  • Lawyers, marketers and other professionals.

For example, people interested in advanced HR solutions will be able to familiarize themselves with current technologies and practices to increase staff efficiency, relevant business cases and digital solutions.

Tech Week 2021 is the largest business event

What are the benefits of conference participants

  • Obtaining valuable knowledge that is not freely available. The organizers select only the most interesting reports from the best specialists in their field.
  • An opportunity to make useful business contacts. Conference participants will be able to communicate freely with each other and forge connections that often take years to create.
  • Formation of partnerships with large companies to create a new product.
  • The ability to find new partners, like-minded people, clients or contractors for years to come.
  • Study of new ideas that have positively proven themselves both in Russia and around the world. More than 200 technological solutions will be presented at the exhibition.
  • The opportunity to spend time in an advanced environment.
  • Attendance at master classes, acquaintance with the practical side of technology implementation.
  • Getting answers to all questions from experts.

Thus, Tech Week 2021 is a large-scale event where people communicate, get inspired and find useful solutions for doing business. At the end of the conference, access to video recordings of all reports is provided. Don’t miss your chance to take a step towards global technologies!

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