Sugarlandia, the trip that you will be able to do this Christmas


Sugarlandia, the trip that you will be able to do this Christmas

Sugarlandia, the trip that you will be able to do this Christmas

There is no table and evening that is worthy that these parties do not have a good after-dinner with a cocktail. There are those who bet on traditional proposals, others more risky or those who those who like to experiment; but all of them have in common the infallible choice of a premium drink that will certainly guarantee the success of the host.

To surprise your guests this Christmas, today in Summum we propose you make them travel. Yes, travel. That which today is so limited and we are valuing so much. A journey through the senses to the very Sugarlandia (Philippines). A trip that they will certainly not forget.

The mystical Sugarlandia

La key to success It will consist of creating a good atmosphere and making your guests enjoy different cocktails prepared with care and care where we will have an infallible ingredient: ron Don Papa, a premium Philippine rum whose smooth and sweet flavor will transport you to the sugar cane fields on the Island of Negros, known locally as Sugarlandia for the quality of the sugar that is grown there and which is considered one of the best in the world.

The identity of this nuanced rum is perceived in each drink, seducing and impregnating everything with the mysticism of the island and a wild spirit that is also reflected in the design of your bottle, made up of 50 exotic animals, which invite you to discover Philippine art and culture.

A journey through 3 cocktails

With papaya and ginger, with hints of lime and coconut syrup; or with grapefruit and agave syrup. We bring you three recipes with which to surprise your guests at these parties and invite them to travel and discover the fantastic universe Don Papa.

Un sensory journey where nothing is what it seems, in which to discover an exotic world of volcanic lands, virgin forests and paradisiacal beaches, through the palate.

Marsella Farm

A very personal blend with subtle tropical notes, reminiscent of coconut, vanilla, licorice and a dry counterpoint.

Ingredients: 30ml Don Papa infused with dehydrated papaya; 30 ml Don Papa Fat Wash with coconut; 10ml Campari and Phisalys Soda with ginger.

Preparation: just add all the ingredients in a glass with ice and garnish with the dehydrated papaya.


A cocktail to take you to a mystical and tropical place.

Ingredients: 45ml Ron Don Papa; 25ml lime juice; 30ml fruit juice mix; 15ml coconut syrup; 5ml simple syrup; 2 strokes of Bitter from Angostura; a slice of pineapple

Preparation: Mix the ingredients (without the Bitter) in the shaker, add ice and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds. Pour the contents into a glass with ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice and Angostura Bitter.

Ruby Papa

The color of this cocktail is reminiscent of Sungarlandia summer sunsets. Perfect to pair with a dessert, to take it alone or with a partner and without a doubt be the perfect host of the night.

Ingredients: 60ml Ron Don Papa; 45ml grapefruit juice; a hit of fresh lime juice; a hit of agave syrup; 15ml Grenadine.

Preparation: Pour the rum, grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave syrup into a shaker with ice. Shake well. Pour the contents into a glass with ice. Pour the grenadine until it covers the bottom of the glass.

Ron don papa

Where there is sugar you will find rum

Presented with great success in summer 2012, Don Papa is a premium aged rum and made in small batches on the island of sugar, the island of Negros Occidental (locally known as Sugarlandia), in the Philippines.

Distilled from sugar cane considered one of the best in the world, Don Papa Rum matures for 7 years in American oak barrels at the foot of Mount Kanlaon. Subsequently, it is filtered with charcoal to remove any impurities and tannins before proceeding to its final blend.

The combination of the rich volcanic soil From the island, the quality of the sugar cane, the aging in oak and the skill of the master blender, are the keys to the rich and smooth flavor of this rum. Light and fruity on the nose, soft and delicate on the palate, with a slight amber color, it surprises us with a long and textured finish offering vanilla, honey and caramelized fruit.

Price: 29,95€

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