Slimming Fitness Tour


Making a decision to come to grips with a healthy lifestyle, everyone chooses their own path, which they plan to adhere to for a long time. Whatever the final choice, the two components remain unchanged – movement and nutrition.

Where can you find such a fitness tour?

With a search engine, you can find a lot of different fitness tours, both in Russia and abroad. Foreign tours differ from Russian ones in that you can try exotic food there, see another country and have a long and expensive flight. Russian tours are good because you can get there by plane, train, or car – it’s quick and inexpensive. Well, for example, the Slimming Camp in the Crimea, in Feodosia, offers a fitness tour for one, two, three or more weeks. The duration of the tour will be advised to you, depending on your capabilities and goals.


Fitness tour to Crimea

Let’s see what a fitness tour to Crimea offers in its program in the “Be in shape” weight loss camp:

  • accommodation in comfortable rooms of a hotel complex with developed infrastructure on the Black Sea coast;
  • selection of a diet taking into account individual preferences and contraindications, a personal meeting with the chef;
  • fitness classes, work in the gym, aerobics, pilates and yoga, dancing and stretching under the guidance of experienced trainers;
  • daily warm-ups and walks along the seashore, at a fast pace and of various lengths (2-4 km);
  • cycling long distances, hiking along mountain trails or the seaside with instructors;
  • team games in the open air or in the hall;
  • swimming in the sea and swimming in the pool;
  • health, medical or sports massage courses performed by professional masseurs;
  • conversations about healthy eating and lifestyle, additional motivation to lose weight;
  • beautiful nature of the Crimean peninsula;
  • trips to the reserves of the Crimea, visits to “places of power” and historical natural monuments;
  • new acquaintances, meeting with a team of like-minded people who are determined to improve their own health;
  • getting rid of extra pounds (from 2 kilograms, depending on the initial weight and duration of the fitness tour).

A pleasant and useful bonus will be the sea and mountain air, which not only heals the body, but also does not leave insomnia, a frequent companion of city dwellers, not the slightest chance of existence.

And most importantly, you will get the start of a new lifestyle, motivation and knowledge. Let the motto of the Camp – Be in shape! – will become the main message of all future life.


Strong motivation as the key to effective weight loss

But an equally important aspect of losing weight is your motivation and attitude. And this first “kick”, in a good sense of the word, you can get by visiting a fitness tour, in which you will get motivation, knowledge about proper nutrition and physical activity in a team of like-minded people and under the supervision of nutrition and fitness specialists.

In order to lose weight, you need willpower and a desire to change your lifestyle, in the first place. You need to introduce into your life doing sports at home (gymnastics, aerobics or dancing with video support, jogging in the park) or in the fitness room. Training in the gym under the guidance of a trainer, group or individual, where they will teach you how to perform exercises, regulate loads and control the dynamics of training, should become habitual, otherwise there is no point in starting.


Benefits of losing weight in a tour format

A fitness tour is good not only for the presence of specialists and additional motivation, it is good because you immerse yourself in a new environment, without the opportunity to lead your usual lifestyle, it pulls you out of your comfort zone and shows a new, correct lifestyle that you can do to their own.

A prerequisite for not only starting the process of losing weight, but also successfully continuing is a balanced diet. It is not at all necessary to torture yourself with starvation, excluding all foods, the calorie content of which seems too high, as well as fats and carbohydrates. The preparation of a diet of proper nutrition, in an amicable way, should be dealt with by a specialist who will not give general instructions, but purely individual recommendations. The Camp will not only teach you how to eat right, but also show that a balanced diet cannot be boring, it is quite satisfying and, most importantly, tasty. Experienced instructors will show that fitness training can be selected according to the characteristics of the figure and diversified, and the constant change of physical activity does not give the body time to get used to it and get bored.

Proper nutrition, like sports, should be a part of your life, an obligatory “program”, like brushing your teeth 2 times a day.


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