Sandwiches with 250 calories: TOP 5 recipes


Sandwiches are a great reason to eat wholesome low-calorie ingredients. Any lean meat, greens, fruits, yogurt and vegetables with the perfect mix can be a delicious dish. But if their caloric content will not exceed 250 calories, feel free to include them in the diet menu.

Toast with hummus and olives, 200 calories

Hummus and olives are the ingredients of effective and proper Mediterranean diet. On toasted without butter wholegrain bread put hummus, sliced olives and a few leaves of arugula. A bit of calories, lots of fiber, the correct fats and potassium.

Toast with shrimps, 203 calories

Seafood lovers can combine the bread with the flesh of the avocado, fried shrimp and fresh herbs. Seafood is a source of iodine, protein and the right fatty acids. And the greens will add your diet vitamins and needed minerals. To enhance the taste, you can sprinkle shrimp with lemon juice.

Sandwiches with 250 calories: TOP 5 recipes

Toast with Turkey, 191 calories

Very filling and a more traditional sandwich with cream cheese, cucumber and Turkey breast will give a lot of energy and provide the body protein. Add the sandwich a little seasonal greenery.

Toast with avocado and peas, 197 calories

For athletes, the toast with avocado and peas are required in the diet, as the combination of products will help to build muscle. Prepare a sandwich with avocado which must be mashed with a fork and spread on toasted without oil bread, fresh peas – a source of protein, and flakes of chili peppers for better metabolism.

Toast with Apple and peanut butter, 239 calories

For dessert, prepare this sweet, low-calorie sandwich. On bread, apply a thin layer of peanut butter, and on top lay sliced apples slices, garnish with berries. For sweetness, add peanut butter a little honey.

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