Sacral pain in early pregnancy


Sacral pain in early pregnancy

If the sacrum hurts during pregnancy, this is considered natural, because the expectant mother has an increased load on the pelvic bones. However, a visit to a gynecologist is mandatory. After the initial examination, he will be able to draw up a clinical picture and, if necessary, refer to a narrower specialist.

Causes of pain in the sacrum during pregnancy

As the abdomen grows, the spine flexes more and more. This leads to discomfort in the lumbosacral area. In this case, the pain is moderate, the woman is able to survive them without medication.

If the sacrum hurts during pregnancy, this is a consequence of the increased load on the pelvic bones.

However, there are several more reasons that cause discomfort. For example:

  • Training bouts. Such pain in the sacrum in the early stages of pregnancy is of a short-term nature and goes away on its own. The body is preparing for future childbirth. Do not interfere with this kind of rehearsal.
  • Infections of the pelvic organs.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Lack of calcium or other important micronutrients in bone tissue.
  • In the later stages, such pain may indicate the onset of labor, especially if it is supplemented by an increased tone of the muscles of the peritoneum and uterus.

Each specific situation must be considered individually. After all, a lot here depends on the characteristics of the organism and the results of additional research. Remember that pregnant women are prohibited from MRI, X-rays. Computed tomography is prescribed with caution. Of the available diagnostic methods, tests and a smear should be noted.

How to relieve sacral pain during pregnancy?

To alleviate the condition of a woman in an interesting position, doctors can prescribe a whole range of measures. They all give tangible results:

  • If it’s about training fights, then you just need to relax. Sometimes a small snack, a cup of herbal tea helps. Sleep also has a healing effect.
  • A light, relaxing lumbar massage can work wonders.
  • Prenatal bandage. It significantly reduces the load on the spine and neutralizes pain in the sacrum.
  • The use of vitamin complexes. But the doctor should prescribe them.
  • Simple exercise with fitball. Sitting on the ball, you need to roll from side to side. This will help relieve the spine.
  • Consumption of foods rich in calcium. It is recommended to eat cheeses and dairy products, cauliflower, celery, fruits and berries.
  • It is possible to take medications. However, they are used on rare occasions, only when the pain becomes unbearable.

Walk more often in the fresh air, and then pregnancy will not cause much trouble.

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