Retro style makeup. Video master class


Retro style makeup. Video master class

Sophisticated retro makeup suits any type of appearance. Go for a sexy ’50s look or a’ 20s rock style. With the help of modern high-quality cosmetics, you can easily embody any idea. Study old photos, they will suggest many interesting ideas.

Retro secret: arrows and bright lipstick

Try a bold 50s makeup look. Get inspired by Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe: crisp arrows, fluffy eyelashes, delicate complexion and luscious red lipstick. This make-up is perfect for a romantic airy dress and hairstyle with curls.

To implement the idea, you will need:

  • makeup base
  • Foundation
  • sponge for applying tone
  • rouge
  • crumbly powder
  • moisturizing lipstick
  • lip liner
  • cotton buds
  • light shadows
  • cream or gel eyeliner
  • volumizing mascara
  • curling tongs

Apply a makeup base to well-hydrated skin. A product with a lightening effect will do, it will give the skin a healthy glow. Let the foundation absorb and spread the liquid foundation over your face. Use a soft latex sponge, remembering to blend the tone well. Secure the result with a translucent loose powder.

Do not use bronzers and dark powders, the skin should retain a light shade

On the convex part of the cheek, apply a little light pink blush, the color should turn out to be soft, refreshing the face. Apply a very light shade of powder to the moving eyelid. Try eye shadows like cream, champagne, or powder pink, depending on your skin color. Then dip a flat, beveled brush in a black cream or gel liner and draw a wide arrow across your upper lid. Extend the tip of the arrow behind the eye contour and slightly raise it to the temple. Watch the symmetry of the eyeliner, in case of an error, correct the arrows with cotton swabs.

If you are not sure that you can draw straight arrows, use ready-made stickers; they are very easy to use

Outline the lips with a contour pencil, then apply a thick, satin-textured lipstick. Romantic makeup in the style of the 50s implies scarlet or other warm shades of red. Do not forget to paint your eyelashes with black mascara, apply it in two layers, drying each one well. Before applying mascara, you can curl your eyelashes with tongs.

Silent Movie Makeup Technique

Makeup looks very stylish in the style of the 20s. It goes well with Charleston dresses and wave hairstyles. For inspiration, you should watch old films, modern makeup techniques allow you to easily repeat the spectacular make-up of movie stars.

To work you will need:

  • tonal foundation
  • corrector
  • light bronzer
  • rouge
  • translucent powder
  • dark lipstick
  • lip liner
  • pencil shadow
  • false eyelashes
  • set of brushes

Use a brush to spread the moisturizing foundation fluid over the skin. Hide problem areas under a thin layer of corrector. Powder your face with a loose, translucent powder with reflective particles.

Place a deep red or mauve powder blush under your cheekbones. Apply a light bronzer over the top to make the blush appear deeper and sharper on the cheekbones.

A lot of bronzer can be put under the chin and temples, the face will become more sculpted

Outline the eyes with black, dark gray or chocolate pencil eyeshadow and carefully blend the color with the brush. Glue the false eyelashes in a fluffy fringe. Circle your lips with a contour pencil and carefully paint with velvet lipstick in a dark shade – burgundy, deep red, chocolate. Maintain the color of the lips with a matching manicure, the retro look will be complete.

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