Restore acid-base balance
Restore acid-base balanceRestore acid-base balance

Going through life, we balance in an attempt to capture the golden mean. We try to maintain mental balance. Everyday stress, lack of a balanced diet can upset the acid-base balance of the body, which, among the multitude of issues around harmony, comes to mind the least often.

Attempts to neutralize excess acid precipitate the body from acid-base balance, what a consequence is the deposition of acidic metabolic products. This affects the impairment of the immune system and undesirable changes in metabolism.

First of all, reduced well-being

The most common symptoms of acidification:

  • malaise, susceptibility to fatigue and stress,

  • decrease in libido,

  • dark circles under the eyes,

  • recurrent colds,

  • digestive problems such as nausea, bitter or sour taste in the mouth, bloating, gallbladder disease,

  • chronic muscle and spine pain, damage to intervertebral discs, osteoporosis,

  • arthritis, rheumatism, abnormal blood supply to the arms and legs,

  • dizziness and headaches, the occurrence of spots before the eyes,

  • weak nail plates, hair loss, as well as skin problems, excessive dryness, or on the contrary – acne, both in adolescents and adults, fungal infections or cellulite,

  • periodontitis, caries,

  • ravenous appetite, overweight,

  • high cholesterol, hypertension,

  • kidney stones.

The second bottom of acidification

Many years of underestimating acidification promotes the development of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, mental diseases, cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetes. This is because the cells regenerate more and more difficult, the ability to remove heavy metals from the body decreases. It is difficult to absorb nutrients and minerals.

regain balance

The most popular burdens conducive to acidification of the body include improper nutrition, stress, lack or excess of physical activity. In restoring the acid-base balance, it will be helpful to limit carbonated drinks, coffee, black tea, nicotine and meat. It is worth using supplementation and watching the pH of the food you eat, which must be consistent with the pH of the tissues and blood. Alkaline products should make up 70-80% of your daily diet, as they facilitate recovery – it is worth eating at least half of them raw – only the rest of acidic products.


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