Researchers believe black coffee drinkers are prone to psychopathy

Recently published studies by Austrian scientists have stirred up the Internet: a link has been found between drinking black coffee and psychopathy. The Huffington Post newspaper calls to pay attention to every coffee lover, although this was said in a joking tone.

Other news sites picked up an interesting topic. But, a closer look at the results of the study shows that the link between black coffee and psychopathy is negligible, and there is no reason to argue that it is necessary to add sugar and milk to coffee in order not to end up in a psychiatric clinic.

Scientists at the University of Innsbruck did not focus on coffee. They studied the association of bitter taste sensations with antisocial personality traits. Allegedly, the hypothesis was confirmed that bitter taste preferences are associated with malicious personality traits, a tendency to sadism and psychopathy.

If the study is correct, then we are talking about people who prefer bitter foods (not just black coffee). It can be lovers of tea or grapefruit juice, or cottage cheese.

Even if there is a connection between bitter taste and psychopathy, the question must be asked – what kind of product is considered bitter?

The study involved 953 volunteers who answered a series of questions, including what they like to eat. A number of products that Austrian scientists have classified as bitter, in fact, are not. Responses included coffee, rye bread, beer, radishes, tonic water, celery, and ginger beer. But some of them are not bitter.

The weak link in the study was the definition of bitterness. How can one make a connection between bitterness and psychopathy if there is no clear concept of what is bitter?

This is perhaps its biggest drawback. As the Washington Post notes, people are not always able to correctly assess their personality and their capabilities. Respondents received from 60 cents to $1 for answering questions, and there were more than 50 of them. It is plausible that respondents tried to write answers as soon as possible, without attaching great importance to them.

The conclusion was drawn too quickly, such a study should last for years and decades. There are too many shortcomings in the research methodology to draw a definitive conclusion about the relationship between coffee and psychopathy.

Drinking coffee is not a sign of poor physical health. Society is, of course, concerned about the abuse of caffeine, but there is reliable data on the positive effects of coffee on the cardiovascular system.

Excessive coffee consumption is defined as more than two cups per day. To avoid problems, you just need to exercise moderation. Drink coffee for health!

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