Reasons why it is necessary to include arugula in the diet
Reasons why it is necessary to include arugula in the diet

Nondescript in appearance, but unique in taste, arugula is distinguished by a large set of useful substances, minerals and vitamins. This herb belongs to the cabbage family, as well as radish, mustard, radish, horseradish and, of course, cabbage of all kinds.

Arugula is considered a salad, it has a pleasant taste with a nutty aftertaste. At the same time, if we are already used to seeing arugula leaves in our salads, it is useful to know that a unique oil is made from the seeds of this herb, and the flowers are also used in cooking.

Many Italian dishes – pizza, risotto, salads, pastas-contain arugula as the main or auxiliary ingredient. It gives a stunning aroma and is very successfully combined with a variety of foods.

The use of arugula

Arugula contains vitamins E, B, C, A, K, as well as zinc, magnesium, selenium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and iron. The leaves of this salad are low in calories – only 25 calories per 100 grams of product.

Arugula will become an assistant in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases – it will restore the digestive processes, since it contains a lot of biologically active substances.

Arugula is able to stop the attack of viruses and bacteria on the body, increases hemoglobin in the blood, strengthens the immune system, lowers sugar levels, relieves swelling and regulates the water-salt balance of the body. The leaves of this salad are useful as an expectorant and diuretic, and are also used in the prevention of cancer.

Vitamin K, which contains a daily norm in 100 grams of arugula, will help with wound healing and stop bleeding, as it has a positive effect on blood clotting.

Arugula improves metabolism – it contains a lot of fiber, which will saturate the body.

Arugula is also deservedly considered a medicinal herb – it helps to treat gastritis and ulcers, restores damaged stomach walls and strengthens them.

Mustard oil based on arugula is used not only in salads – it is also used as masks for hair roots in case of hair loss and violation of the structure of the hair. Inside, arugula oil is especially useful for men – it increases potency and gives strength.

The use of arugula is contraindicated only in case of individual intolerance and allergic reactions.

What to combine arugula with

You can use arugula leaves starting with salads, ending with sauces. It perfectly emphasizes the taste of meat, fish, seafood, as well as legumes and dough foods – pasta, pies, pizza. With arugula, you can prepare a vegetable stew, any cold snack or green sauce.


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