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Determine your resting heart rate

If you decide to train according to your heart rate, then the first thing you need to do is determine it.

The pulse should be measured in the morning for a week, as soon as you woke up and did not have time to get out of bed. The lowest rate during this time will be your resting heart rate.


If you are in good physical shape, your heart rate will be around 60 beats per minute. If the heart rate is above 70 beats per minute, you urgently need to take care of yourself. If you are in good physical shape, your heart will beat at about 50 beats per minute. Professional cyclists or long distance runners often have a resting heart rate of 30 beats per minute.

Find your maximum heart rate

Yours depends on your age and, to a lesser extent, on your physical fitness. It is usually calculated using a simple formula -. The value is approximate, but it is quite possible to be guided by it.

Knowing your maximum heart rate accurately requires some exercise, such as jogging or brisk cycling. A 15 minute warm-up is required first, during which you must run / ride at a slow pace. For the next six minutes, you begin to accelerate gradually, increasing your speed every minute. Your last minute run should feel like a sprint. Take a look at your heart rate watch as soon as you feel exhausted from your workout. Repeat after a while.

The highest reading will be your maximum heart rate. This test can be done while skiing or in another type of training that involves all the muscles in the body.

Reach your goal

You must be clear about what you are training for. The intensity of your workouts can be roughly divided into three levels, depending on your fitness and your goals.


Light intensity workouts… Your heart rate is 50-60% of your maximum heart rate. If you have a little physical preparation, you should start with just such workouts. Training at this level will improve health and endurance. If you are in good physical condition, then light training will just keep that shape without much improvement. Such classes are recommended for physically prepared people, if you need to give the body a rest without deteriorating the already existing physical form.

Medium intensity workout… Your heart rate should be 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. If you are already well physically prepared, then such training will improve your general condition and increase endurance.

High Intensity Workout… Your heart rate is above 80% of your maximum. Such a load is needed for those who are already in excellent shape and want, for example, to prepare for the competition. To be more effective, it is recommended to train at intervals during which the heart rate is more than 90% of the maximum.



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