Properties and benefits of Obsidian? – Happiness and health


Very beautiful black pebble with reflections in contact with light, obsidian has been used since prehistoric times for the manufacture of bladed weapons or talisman.

This stone is also called volcanic ice because of the conditions of its formation and its glassy appearance.

There are several varieties of obsidian which are used differently in lithotherapy.

What are the benefits of obsidian?

History and training

Obsidian results from thick lavas rich in silica having flowed inside rocks.

In the heart of the earth, the volcanic eruption takes place under very high temperatures.

These magmas (lavas) produced underground will cool slowly and form crystals, stones, gems.

The cooling over time of the magma will create minerals whose color and structure will differ depending on the elements that will merge with it at the time of its formation.

In the case of obsidian, there is no slow cooling. The magma or lava while being thrown fell into water, cooling it much faster. It is therefore not a crystal (1).

This rapid cooling will create volcanic panes also called obsidian. This is in very simple terms how obsidian is formed.

This stone, discovered for several millennia, is black, gray or brown in color. Dark green or dark red obsidians are found.

The vitreous aspect of the stone results from a great chemical combination of multiple polymers constituted for its formation. These stones were formed over 2 to 4 million years in the heart of the earth.

Properties and benefits of Obsidian? – Happiness and health

Obsidian was first discovered in Ethiopia by Obsius, a figure from Ancient Rome. It is therefore right that the stone bears the name of this Roman character.


Mexico produces the finest varieties of obsidian. The peoples of Mexico also grant it several curative properties. The most famous obsidians produced by Mexico are: the celestial eye, the Mentogochol, the snowflake, the golden, the black, the silver, the spider web, the rainbow.

Obsidian extractions are also made on the Canary Islands, the island of Milos, the Lipari islands. This stone is also found in the United States, Armenia, Japan, Peru.

Next to natural gems, you will find synthetic obsidian in shops. They are transparent blue in color.


Obsidians are rocks whose vitrification decreases over time. The difference in the categories of natural obsidian results from time.

Physical and emotional benefits of black obsidian

Obsidians have common physical and emotional benefits. However, particularities exist at the level of each obsidian. There is indeed a wide variety of obsidian. We are talking about the great obsidian family.


Each stone has a particular function in the world of lithotherapy. Here are detailed, the different functions to which the types of obsidian lend themselves.

Against evil spirits

The ancient peoples of Mesoamerica cut obsidian into talismans. They also made ritual objects to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Even today in lithotherapy, obsidian keeps evil spirits away from you. It is used for its powerful power against hexes.

Against negative thoughts

Generally speaking, obsidians were used to combat evil thoughts and the evil eye.

If you have recurring dark thoughts, consider wearing obsidian bracelets or necklace to free yourself from negative waves.

Against depression and fear

Several types of obsidian exist depending on the elements incorporated at the time of its formation.

For the treatment of depression, fears, doubts, celestial eye obsidian is the most recommended (2). She is glassy black.

In ancient times it was used as a mirror, as a talisman and also as a weapon. Blades made from the celestial eye have been found in archaeological sites.

Silver obsidian to counter the ego

This obsidian is rare. It is in the form of a black stone with whitish reflections under the effect of lighting.

This obsidian is used to fight against an imbalanced ego. Indeed our ego can be our enemy if it is disproportionate. It takes us back in time. This stone sucks pride in us.

It allows us to release humility in us. It is useful for the ascension to the spiritual world.

Golden obsidian for care

This obsidian helps heal wounds. It is in the form of black volcanic glass with golden reflections in the presence of light.

This stone helps fight against allergies. It promotes healing and rapid healing of wounds.

On a spiritual level, golden obsidian allows you to connect to the inner self. It helps to release the blockages buried deep inside us.

Through this healing, we can better reveal ourselves to the world through the love and harmony that this stone stimulates in us.

Properties and benefits of Obsidian? – Happiness and health
obsdian bracelet

Against pain and smoking

Snowflake obsidian is a stone that is polished, has spots in the shape of snowflakes. It is found in South America and Central America.

This obsidian was used to treat inflammation. In addition, the ancient peoples of America used it to make the heads of arrows.

To fight against ulcers (intestines and stomachs) or to stop smoking, wear this stone regularly.

It is used for plantar massages to bring out the negative buried things out of us.

For people with too strong a character, this stone will help you balance your character.

Obsidian Tears of Apache

These are rolled up obsidians also called smoked obsidians. These stones have the particularity of protecting you from attacks, obscure things, negative emotions, resentment.

Wearing this pebble is recommended in lithotherapy for people who have trouble shedding their past, previous traumas (3).

This stone is also recommended for sad people, who no longer feel the joy of living.

Legend has it that some Amerindians threw themselves from the top of the mountains, preferring death to colonizing Westerners.

Their families mourned the missing for a long time; so that the gods turned their tears to stone. This stone says we have the power to give smile, happiness, joy to people in distress. It is also a stone of spiritual protection.

Apache tears are also used to heal the ailments reported from past lives which block a full, happy and fulfilled existence.

Obsidian spider webs

It is a gray-black volcanic glass with reflections reminiscent of the spider’s web. This obsidian was recently discovered in Mexico.

This stone amplifies the power of other stones. It is more or less related to the obsidian tears of apaches. It helps you to accept yourself as you are and to forgive yourself.

Obsidian mentogochol

Obsidian mentogochol is a rare stone that comes from Mexico. It is a beautiful pebble with dark colors, blue, mauve, orange, purple, green. This reflection of several colors are the particularity of this obsidian.

This stone allows self-criticism on ourselves. We are facing ourselves through this mirror. It facilitates self-understanding.

To work on yourself, your personality, to get rid of your faults and what is holding you back; this stone is recommended for meditation. She will help you in your personal development sessions.

This stone behaves like the celestial eye but with softer vibrations.

Against osteoarthritis

Silica is used to treat osteoarthritis pain. Black Obsidian Elixir or Obsidian Powder can be applied to affected areas to reduce pain.

This stone is also used to calm muscle spasms.

For the protection of bones

Ancient people used black obsidian to massage the spine. This stone is very useful in the treatment of cartilage, osteoporosis and in the protection of bones in general.

Assimilation of vitamins C and D

Obsidian thanks to its properties helps your body to assimilate vitamin C and D. Obsidian tears of apache is the best indicated for this purpose.

Wearing obsidian necklace, bracelets or pendants is recommended as part of lithotherapy for better assimilation of vitamins.

Moreover, this stone promotes blood circulation.

How to charge it

Obsidian must be purified after each use to eliminate from the stone the negative energies, the blockages, the pains of the past that the stone has sucked during the session. Simply rinse it off under the tap. Run the water for a few seconds to purify it (4).

Charge the stone in the light of the moon.

Properties and benefits of Obsidian? – Happiness and health

The different uses of black obsidian

Weapons, jewelry and talismans in prehistory

In prehistoric times, people used obsidian for hunting. At archaeological sites, obsidian blades, arrows, knives and several bladed weapons were carved from obsidian (5).

The stone itself is strong, tough, which makes it a good weapon.

Beyond weapons, obsidian was used for ritual objects. These objects served as talisman, jewelry, figurines.

The pebbles were used by the ancient people living in Mexico and Guatemala.

Like a mirror

In prehistoric times, obsidian was used by people to mirror themselves. Indeed, the glassy aspect of the stone allows you to look at yourself.

Magicians also use obsidian to reflect the future in it.

For the embalming of bodies

In Pharaonic Egypt, the cutting edges based on obsidian were those used for the rituals of embalming bodies. These cutting edges were used to cut the body for the needs of mortuary rituals.

Some combinations with other stones

Obsidians can be used with rock crystal, kunzite.

Properties and benefits of Obsidian? – Happiness and health

How to use it

To release negative emotions, painful pasts, lie on your stomach. Have obsidian level with your heels.

Breathe deeply. Search deep inside for these dark thoughts. Dig even deeper to find out their origins. Stay focused during the session (6).

For people who feel abandoned, obsidian can be used under the same conditions. The feeling of abandonment often arises from the loss of a loved one, from a breakup. This fact brings about a void in you, a meaningless life.

Obsidian can be used in times of weakness. It gives you courage, confidence during meditations. It purifies you from various blockages. E

Usually obsidian is used by a therapist for the care of his patients. This stone absorbs the negative energy that it rejects.

In the event of improper handling, you will reap the opposite effect. The negative energies that have been revealed are going to be poured into you instead of being sucked out of you.

You can wear it simply as a necklace or a bracelet. Its powerful effects will work in you.

For a deeper work with this stone, rather call a specialist if you are a layman.

Obsidian and chakras

In general, obsidian is attached to the throat chakra and the heart chakra.

  • Black obsidian is very powerful and rather related to the third eye chakra. Place it between the eyebrows for sessions of protection, divination and spiritual upliftment.

It is rather recommended to initiates of lithotherapy because it is very powerful and can be dangerous for its user if it is misused.

  • The blue colored obsidian mainly treats the throat chakra. In case of blockages related to communication, work the throat chakra to release it.
  • The golden obsidian allows to work the disproportionate ego. The elixir of this stone is used to treat eye ailments.
  • The obsidian mentogochol allows to work the sacral chakra and the solar plexus. It helps eliminate pain. It removes blockages and allows you to grow spiritually.
  • The celestial eye stone allows you to absorb negative energies if you wear it as a pendant.
  • Silver obsidian allows you to reflect who you are inside yourself. He is like a mirror in which your personality is reflected. It is the stone of truth because it reveals your true personality to you. It is very useful in meditations.
  • Apache tears can be used for pain in the abdomen. They allow pain and negativity to be sucked out of the body.
  • Snowflakes are used to treat eye problems and those relating to bones, skeletons.
  • Obsidian in blue and green color helps you work the throat and heart chakra. It also allows you to easily assimilate vitamins (7).


The different obsidians reveal their functions, uses and unique beauty. To work on yourself, to heal your wounds or to detach you from a painful past, the different obsidians will help you heal.

The chakras relating to the different obsidians must also be worked with the stones attached to them for a better effect.

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