Properties and benefits of fluorite – happiness and health


La fluorite, also known as fluorite, is a multi-colored crystalline stone.

Stone of knowledge and the structuring of the mind, I chose to talk to you about it today because it has impressive properties.

It helps me to see more clearly in my moments of doubt, when I lack concentration, or even when I want to calm my mind, quite simply. I hope it will be the same for you.

In this article, I invite you to discover more deeply, this stone with a thousand virtues.

The history of fluorite

Where does this pretty name come from …

Fluorite takes its name from the Latin word “fluere”, which means “flowing”, “melting” because it was widely used in metallurgy to help bind different metals together (1).

But rest assured, you won’t need to melt the stone to enjoy its benefits!

At the roots of his creation

Fluorite is created in the form of veins at low temperature, often clinging to granite rocks. Its formation results in the cooling of water saturated with minerals, infiltrated in the cracks of the granite.

Because of its lower density, it is then seen rising to the surface of the rock.

As it ascends, it naturally begins to cool, which causes the minerals to precipitate. Thus, with the total cooling of the water, we can find crystals of fluorite between the cracks of the granitic rocks.

The main deposits are in China, Mexico, but also in South Africa (2)

Its chemical composition

Properties and benefits of fluorite – happiness and health

With a chemical composition CaF2 (Ca for calcium, and F for fluorine), fluorite is the mineral richest in fluorine, which also owes it the scientific name of calcium fluoride or fluorspar, in English.

This glassy-looking stone has a perfect cubic crystalline geometry that will appeal to the most Cartesian minds. But don’t worry if your mentality is different; this marvelous crystal has many aspects which, you will see, are quite surprising.


It exists in many colors, probably due to the presence of impurities or the lack / excess of ions in the rock, which each have relatively different properties depending on their color.

It can vary from blue to pink (quite rare), passing through yellow, purple (like amethyst) or even the rainbow!

The benefits of the mineral

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. As I was able to tell you previously, fluorite happens to be the stone of knowledge, of the structuring of the mind.

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Fluorite provides stability

It is a symbol of intelligence and will allow you, by the simple fact of having it near you, to put your thoughts in order, when they become cloudy or repetitive.

Fluorite is the link between dreams and reality, without overdoing it, it helps you maintain good stability of thought, but also of life.

It will boost your self-confidence

Be careful, it does not prevent you from escaping (that would not be a virtue!) But only, will restore your self-confidence in the daily tasks which seem difficult to you to manage because of your feeling of overwhelming, suffocating, or if you lack concentration during certain periods.


Help for better intuition

Properties and benefits of fluorite – happiness and health

By bringing you this confidence, it is freedom and intuition that it will unlock. Indeed, fluorite, besides the fact that it is useful for the good organization of your mind, is not intended to lock you in a box.

It is a stone which helps to develop intuition, the new perception of the world, when your ideas are going round in circles, when you do not feel comfortable in your place.

As you can see, fluorite has many benefits! One virtue leads to another, and this is what has earned it its success.

Fluorite helps you be in control of your choices

Fluorite soothes the emotional level, it helps you get rid of the opinion of a harmful entourage, when it weighs on your shoulders, and brings you freedom of decision thanks to its rationalism, by stabilizing your feelings.

If you have the feeling that what you are being told to do is not what you would like to do, or if you feel like you are in the grip of someone bad for you, fluorite can help slowly. to detach yourself from it.

But that’s not all, beyond its relaxing and illuminating properties, fluorite also calms physical ailments!

Treatment of physical pain

This fabulous crystal is mainly known for its ability to regenerate mucous membranes, as well as its effectiveness in calming painful joints (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.) thanks to its richness in fluoride.

Surprising anti-inflammatory properties

Fluorite is also able to soothe coughs, infections as well as headaches and seasonal allergies thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This multi-purpose stone is also very popular with athletes, because it has properties capable of strengthening muscle tone.

As you can see, all the benefits of this rock are linked. If it succeeds in calming you physically, your mind can then be able to work fully, so this boost of energy is not trivial!

How to use fluorite

If you know a little in lithotherapy, you know that the use differs a lot depending on the stone.

For some, it will be recommended not to wear it too long, while for others, we will advise you to put it under your pillow for a good night’s sleep …

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Necessarily, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a stone, it should not be too small, a stone of at least 100 grams will do, otherwise you risk not feeling the improvements that the mineral promises you have chosen, because of its too small size.

For fluorite, the recommendations are diverse. It will depend on the ailment you want to cure.

For example, if you have difficulty concentrating, if you feel like you are not moving forward with your work, you can put a fluorite on your desk (8).

It will facilitate rational thinking, help you structure the ideas that come to mind, in addition to helping you concentrate better.

Also, if your problems lie in the difficulty of expression, that your emotions seem intertwined, you can carry fluorite with you in such a way that it accompanies you in everyday situations, in front of your loved ones, or when you feel the pain. need to let your feelings speak.

Place it under your pillow when you are in doubt. They say that the night brings advice, but fluorite does much better! It helps with discernment, and will bring you intuition and common sense in your sleep.

Thus, little by little, you will be able to understand the vagaries of life with clarity and confidence.

How and why to recharge a stone?

Properties and benefits of fluorite – happiness and health

Very simply, the stone you choose brings you satisfaction through the energy it diffuses.

Like a smartphone, if the battery is discharged, the usefulness of the phone is less, well it’s exactly the same for a stone, easy eh?

By dint of use, it loses its energy, and ends up no longer being useful for the appeasement of your needs. This is why it is necessary to recharge the chosen crystal.

Fluorite recharges very easily. It will suffice to soak it in clear water after use (as well as on reception because it is likely that it is already empty of energy.

Then let it dry in daylight, not too dazzling to avoid the accelerated deterioration of your mineral. Dawn or dusk are perfect moments thanks to the soft lighting they propagate, beneficial for your stone.

Which stones to strengthen the virtues of fluorite?

If you want to calm down in a difficult moment in your life, it is possible to use different stones to feel a maximum of positive energies.

Be careful, I am not telling you either to walk with a bag of rocks on your back, in addition to being relatively heavy, it would also be of little effect, due to the contradictory energies of certain stones.

I would recommend that you choose associations of complementary stones instead.

In association with carnelian …

For fluorite, it is possible to combine it with carnelian for example. This pretty opaque red crystal is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and healing actions. It also relieves rheumatism.

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It is also able to appease the most negative spirits and repetitive thoughts.

Along with fluorite, it will calm your physical aches and pains due to inflammation that can cause allergies or winter illnesses, and help you free yourself from your thoughts to see the most positive things in your life.

… Or lapis lazuli

The other stone that can be combined with fluorite is lapis lazuli, very effective in helping concentration, this deep blue and opaque mineral will be the ideal choice if you want to work on your open-mindedness. .

As I told you previously, fluorite is a stone that awakens the intuition deep inside you, one that you can sometimes hesitate to follow, or even not hear at all. This is also the case with lapis lazuli, which helps to work perception and clairvoyance.

In combination with fluorite, you will thus strengthen instinct and clarity of thought. On a physical level, along with fluorite, they can help calm headaches and inflammation.

Sodalite, close to lapis lazuli

Properties and benefits of fluorite – happiness and health

Finally, I offer you a last stone to join with the fluorite. This is sodalite. Very similar in appearance to lapis lazuli with its intensely blue color, it also has effects very similar to the latter.

It is a relief stone, able to calm your thoughts, stimulate your brain activity, but still, like lapis lazuli, work on the development of your intuition (12).

The three additional stones that I have just advised you are all three combinable. You can choose to use more than one in combination with fluorite.

These are stones with similar benefits, which reinforce the action on a particular point.

Do not hesitate to place them near you when you are working, under your pillow to get a good night’s sleep, or quite simply as a necklace for example, to benefit from the properties on a daily basis.

To finish…

I am delighted to have been able to introduce you to fluorite, which is a mineral that I love very much when I feel my thoughts are muddled.

It is a soft stone with many virtues that will know how to soothe you when you need it.

If you recognized yourself in some of the descriptions I have made, try to keep a fluorite close to you for a while.

Obviously, if you do not feel any of the disorders that I could enumerate (and you are lucky) it is not for all that forbidden you to test this stone if you wish to work on an aspect of your personality.

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