Prevention of caries in children


Medical menu: prevention of caries in children

Children’s caries is a formidable enemy of teeth, capable of causing their owners tearful suffering. It is extremely difficult to recognize the disease in time, and it costs a lot of effort to get rid of it. That is why it is so important to deal with the prevention of caries in children.

Take care of your teeth from a young age

Профилактика кариеса у детей

Any child without hesitation will tell you how to properly monitor your teeth. Of course, regular hygiene is above all else. For baby teeth, you should choose soft brushes and special baby pastes. In addition to the mandatory cleaning in the morning and evening, it is important to rinse your mouth every time after eating. To these simple procedures, the baby needs to be taught literally from the cradle. Pediatricians recommend wiping babies ‘ gums with a soft swab soaked in boiled water before going to bed and after waking up. This will lay the foundation for healthy teeth and help you acquire a useful habit in the future. Do not forget to visit the dentist a couple of times a year.

Bosom enemies

Профилактика кариеса у детей

Children’s caries is often a payment for excessive love for certain products. We are talking about the most insidious treats: toffee, lollipops,chocolate bars and ice cream. Children’s favorite crackers, chips, and nuts are also a threat. The culprits of caries are fruit juices and sweet soda. After all, they are full of sugar and acids, which methodically blur the enamel of the teeth. For the same reason, unripe fruits and berries are dangerous. Oddly enough, but with milk, too, you should be careful. It contains no less calcium, which is indispensable for teeth, than lactose. And it creates a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria.

Use with a crunch

Профилактика кариеса у детей

I am glad that there are no less useful products for teeth than harmful ones. They are the best prevention of children’s caries. The first group consists of vegetables, mostly hard and raw. Carrots, beets, cabbage perfectly massage the gums, clean the teeth from plaque and stimulate the formation of saliva, thereby washing out harmful bacteria. Separately, it is worth highlighting broccoli — the richest storehouse of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, it produces a powerful antibacterial effect and prevents the development of periodontitis. Any greens from the garden, starting with parsley and ending with lettuce leaves, perfectly disinfects the oral cavity and refreshes the breath.

The Golden Mean

Профилактика кариеса у детей

How to take care of your teeth with fruit? First of all, do not lean on them too fanatically. For example, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits and pineapples reduce bleeding gums and gently relieve inflammation, and their ascorbic acid gently removes plaque. However, in excess amounts, it has a detrimental effect on the enamel. Hard apples clean teeth well and stimulate blood circulation in children’s gums. Flavonoids present in them in shock doses, mercilessly deal with bacteria. At the same time, many modern varieties of apples are oversaturated with fast carbohydrates, which are able to neutralize the entire beneficial effect.

Sea treasures

Профилактика кариеса у детей

The risk of developing tooth decay will be significantly reduced if you make your children addicted to fish and seafood. The fact is that the vital calcium and fluoride for teeth are absorbed much more effectively in conjunction with vitamin D, and the inhabitants of the seas contain this element in abundance. In addition, they boast a generous supply of B vitamins, iodine, selenium, phosphorus, and actually calcium and fluoride. Such an arsenal of useful elements makes the bone tissue stronger and protects it from caries. For the children’s menu, pollock, hake, tuna, cod, mackerel and sea bass are most suitable. Do not ignore such sea reptiles as shrimps, squid, mussels and crayfish.

Milk Attack

Профилактика кариеса у детей

A story about how to monitor dental health would be incomplete without mentioning dairy products. In addition to the fact that they contain valuable elements for the child’s body, each of them performs a special mission to protect the teeth. Natural yogurt neutralizes bad breath and delivers dental minerals exactly as intended. Cottage cheese has an optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which are absorbed by the child’s body almost without residue. As a result, the enamel becomes stronger. Cheese is generally called the best remedy for caries, because it increases the calcium content in the bone tissue and prevents the development of inflammation.

People’s First Aid Kit

Профилактика кариеса у детей

Prevention and treatment of children’s caries will bring the desired results faster if they are supported by folk methods. Solutions for rinsing will successfully replace the medicinal infusion of sage. Pour 1 tbsp. l. dry sage 250 ml of boiling water, leave for an hour and strain. Let the children rinse their mouths with this infusion and make compresses from cotton pads. Propolis perfectly fights tooth decay. Give the child a piece of honeycomb to chew, then apply the remaining wax to the affected tooth and cover with a cotton pad. Useful for the prevention of caries lotions with fir oil. Moisten the cotton wool in it and apply it to the problem area for 5 minutes.

At the first suspicion of caries in a child, immediately go to the dentist. Even if the alarm turns out to be false, an extra examination of the teeth will not hurt. Follow the proper nutrition of children and do not let bad eating habits take over.

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