Pregnancy: sometimes misleading signs


I have a late period

A late period is not an absolute sign of pregnancy for a woman of childbearing age. These functional disorders can be linked to other causes: a change in lifestyle for example. It is therefore important to note the events which took place in the previous month such as an emotional shock, a job interview… Don’t worry, many women are in perfect health, are fertile and have irregular periods. To make sure of a possible pregnancy, you can take a pregnancy test. The sooner it is done, the sooner you will be fixed and you can stop the consumption of products that can be toxic to the fetus (alcohol, cigarettes). However, if your cycle has not returned to normal between two and three months, talk to your doctor. Conversely, some women may have blood loss during the first months of their pregnancy.

Nervous pregnancy: can we invent pregnancy symptoms?

It used to be called a “nervous pregnancy”. You may not have had your period, have swollen breasts, feel sick or have cramps, but you may not be pregnant. But that doesn’t mean you are inventing pregnancy symptoms. It is often a cycle without ovulation, or anovulatory. The brain and the ovary are destabilized. They no longer know when to end this cycle with rules and when to start a new one. On the other hand, nausea, for example, is also sometimes simply due to a state of stress. If these effects last for two or three cycles, see your doctor.

I’m hungry for two, am I pregnant?

Yes, most pregnant women say they have a big appetite and get fat, and others sometimes feel the other way around. However, these symptoms are not very meaningful because they can occur in cases other than pregnancy. It all depends on the person’s temperament.

A positive test without being pregnant, is it possible?

It is very rare, it happens in 1% of cases. That’s the margin of error. Despite a positive pregnancy test, you may not be pregnant. Therefore, before establishing a clear prognosis, you should take a blood test with a dosage of the pregnancy hormone beta-HCG to check if a pregnancy is in progress.

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