Potato Manifest: potato variety


Potato Manifest: potato variety

Another variety of Belarusian potatoes, which in a short time managed to gain great popularity. A manifesto can guarantee stable yields and disease resistance, but requires systematic watering and light, breathable soils.

Potato Manifesto: description

The bush of the plant is erect, low (up to half a meter). The leaves are beautiful, emerald, with a glossy surface, the edges are barely serrated. Peduncles are blue-lilac in color. It is the inner side of the bud that looks very beautiful.

Manifest potatoes are resistant to many diseases and have excellent taste characteristics.

Tubers of this variety are elongated with rounded edges. The eyes are very small, the skin is pink. The pulp has a light amber hue. The mass of one tuber ranges from 105 to 145 grams. Starch is contained at a level of 12-15%.

Potato variety Manifesto: distinctive features

The manifesto is considered a medium early potato with a very good yield. Up to 350 centners of the crop can be harvested per hectare. The record was 410 centners. Tubers are excellently stored for up to 6 months, subject to certain conditions. The commercial qualities are also at a fairly high level. Resistance to mechanical damage is very good. Long-distance transportation is excellent.

The manifesto is used mainly for dining purposes. The tubers are not boiled soft during cooking, and the taste is simply excellent. These potatoes can be used to create real culinary masterpieces. It is thanks to these positive characteristics that the variety is widely used in industrial cultivation by leading farmers.

The plant is quite resistant to both drought and cold winds. However, the quantity of the crop and its quality are severely affected by insufficient moisture. The variety requires regular, moderate watering.

The manifesto is characterized by increased resistance to the most common diseases and pests. Timely feeding is very beneficial.

For cultivation, the Manifest variety is used not only by industrialists, but also by amateur summer residents, owners of private plots. Most of them are attracted by the taste of the tubers, the same size and beautiful shape of the latter. In addition, these potatoes do not require additional treatments and unnecessary preventive measures. This significantly saves money and time, which is important for working gardeners.

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