Pomelo is cooler than orange, lemon and grapefruit


Pomelo is the largest citrus on supermarket shelves. And less popular in alignment with lemons, oranges or grapefruit. But those who know all about the strengths pomelo, always prefer it to other citrus. Why?

Why pomelo?

This fruit, especially, is extremely rich in vitamin C. And there is more vitamin C in it than in lemon, orange and grapefruit. For comparison:

  • pomelo contains 61 mg /100 g
  • lemon has 53 mg/100 g
  • orange 50 mg /100 g
  • grapefruit only 34 mg /100 g

Additional benefits of grapefruit include:

  • a beneficial effect on the regulation of blood pressure,
  • a positive effect on the heart
  • regulates muscle tension
  • contains antioxidants that slow down aging of the skin
  • protects from the likelihood of cancer of the pancreas and intestine

This is possible due to the high content of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and B6

Pomelo is cooler than orange, lemon and grapefruit

Pomelo: calorie

Calorie of delicious pomelo are not really important. 100 g of the white pulp contains only 40 calories. Therefore, nutritionists consider grapefruit as a useful for weight loss fruit. It has no fat and it is rich in vitamin C. And, like grapefruit, pomelo contains the enzyme responsible for accelerated fat burning.

Pomelo is cooler than orange, lemon and grapefruit

When pomelo can be harmful?

People with low blood pressure should not eat too much pomelo, because it, like tomatoes, reduces it. It is not suitable for people allergic to citrus.

Though pomelo and recommended for diabetics but one should consume it with caution, better under the guidance of a doctor, which will determine the average daily rate of consumption.

Pomelo is cooler than orange, lemon and grapefruit

How to peel pomelo

There is a convenient way to quickly and easily clean the broom:

  1. Cut the top layer of the pomelo with a sharp knife.
  2. Cut the peel lengthwise down so as not to damage the inner part of the fruit.
  3. One take the rind of the fruit like a flower.
  4. Finger pomelo as if to tear from the inside
  5. Remove the thin white crust around the individual parts – it is bitter and unpleasant.

This fruit is known by several variants of color-red and yellow, broom are the most common. But first and foremost you need to make sure that the citrus is big and solid. It is the guarantee of juiciness and the fact that it is ripe. And the color is not so important.

Instructions soon how to peel pomelo watch in the video below:

The Best Way To Cut and Peel Pomelo - Why Orange Pomelo Important for Men

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