Pink salmon



Pink salmon, is the most common representative of the Salmon family. It can be found in the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Lives in the sea, goes to the rivers for spawning, after which he dies. The body is silvery in color with small scales, the length is no more than 70 cm, the weight does not exceed 2.5 kg. It feeds on plankton, invertebrates and small fish. Pink salmon is one of the valuable commercial fish, accounting for up to 80% of the total red fish catch. It is called red for the bright orange color of the meat.

Composition and calorie content

Pink salmon meat contains a high concentration of elements, without which the human body simply cannot function normally. The meat contains:

Omega-3 multivitamins that protect the body from neoplasms.
Phosphoric acid.
Pyridoxine, which optimizes the functioning of the central nervous system.

Contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, PP, omega-3 saturated acids, phosphoric acid, pyridoxine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, copper, iodine.
Calorie content – 140 to 170 kcal per 100 g of product.

Pink salmon

Secrets and cooking methods

Pink salmon in Russian cuisine has always been given a place of honor. It is also appreciated in other national cuisines. It is boiled, fried, baked, stewed, steamed, salted, dried, smoked, pickled and canned. This fish can be used to prepare first and second courses, snacks and salads. Cutlets and meatballs, pates and soufflés turn out to be tasty and nutritious.

Great for filling pies and other baked goods. Pink salmon meat is a little dry, so it should be slightly marinated before frying. As a marinade, you can use soy sauce, citrus juice, onions, mayonnaise. Soaking the pieces in olive oil can also help relieve dryness.

Another secret – you need to fry the pieces together with the skin, since it is under the skin that a layer of fat is located, which will not allow the fish to dry out when frying. For frying, you can use both a regular frying pan and a grill. In order to preserve the taste of the fish, you need to carefully use spices and seasonings. Lemon juice, salt and black pepper are ideal for pink salmon.

Juicy and tender, it turns out if you bake it alone or with vegetables in a sleeve or foil in the oven. Delicious and rich soups are obtained from the head and ridge, for example, ear and hodgepodge. In a double boiler, fish retains a maximum of useful properties, therefore it is in this form that it is recommended for medical nutrition.

Stuffed fish is quite laborious to prepare, but it is the real queen of the festive table. It is stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, fish, seafood. Smoked and salted fish are perfect as a snack. Potatoes and vegetables, rice and other cereals, vegetables, pasta, mushrooms are suitable for garnish with pink salmon.

Pink salmon

It is better to choose a sour sauce – with citrus juice (lemon, orange, lime).
Pink salmon caviar is the largest of all species of fish in the Salmon family. It is used canned or salted as an independent snack, with pancakes and on sandwiches, as well as to decorate various fish dishes.

Useful and harmful properties


Pink salmon is a source of easily digestible protein, which makes it indispensable for dietary nutrition while losing weight. The benefits of pink salmon are due to a set of polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals:

  • improves the condition of the skin and hair;
  • strengthens nails and bones;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • improves performance;
  • enhances immunity;
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • stimulates the thyroid gland;
  • stabilizes blood sugar levels;
  • reduces the risk of developing malignant tumors;
  • prevents the appearance of erosion on the walls of the stomach and intestines;
  • participates in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Pink salmon


Almost everyone can eat pink salmon, unless we are talking about an allergy to seafood, but there are restrictions. There are people who are advised to use it in limited quantities:

with diseases and problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
with diseases of the kidneys and liver;
with intolerance to phosphorus and iodine;
children under 3 years old.



The best option is to prepare dishes from freshly caught fish. Unfortunately, few people have such an opportunity. In most cases, a person goes to the market or shop, where he buys, fresh or frozen pink salmon.

When buying such a product, you should check it for freshness by carefully examining it visually. Better to buy fish that have not yet had their heads cut off. By the color of the gills and eyes, you can easily tell how fresh the fish is. The eyes should be light and clear and the gills should be pink in color. If there is no head, then it is better to look into its abdomen. If its color is pink, then everything is in order, and if it is white, then the fish was frozen. The carcass of the fish should not have mechanical damage or bruising.

Pink salmon

Before you go to fish, you need to clearly understand what the final product will be cooked.


When choosing, you need to pay attention to all factors that will help protect you from buying spoiled, several times frozen or old fish, which can easily ruin any dish.

You can cook fish according to any of the recipes below. All of them are aimed at decorating the festive table.

Pink salmon with mushroom sauce

Pink salmon

To prepare such a delicious dish, you will need:

  • Large carcass of pink salmon.
  • Fresh or salted mushrooms.
  • Onion.
  • One egg.
  • Flour, salt and spices.
  • Vegetable oil (olive oil can be used).

Cooking contains the following steps:

  1. The fish is cut, washed and cut into pieces. It is advisable to remove all bones.
  2. The breading is done in flour with salt and spices. Take a baking sheet, grease with oil and lay down the pink salmon.
  3. The filling of mushrooms and onions is being prepared. The champignons or boletus are finely chopped.
  4. The fish is stewed in the oven for 15 minutes. Raw eggs are mixed with salt. You should make a regular omelet.
  5. After 15 minutes, the fish is stuffed with mushrooms, onions and eggs, beaten with salt. On top of the fish, you can put a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream.
  6. The dish is cooked until golden brown.

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