Pine nuts – Siberian health

The catchphrase “Siberian health” is associated with us, among other things, with pine nuts, which grow in abundance in the Siberian taiga forests. Today we will look at the main beneficial properties of this nut.

1) Pine nuts are rich vitamin A and luteinnecessary for good vision

2) Pine nuts contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats

3) Thanks to the content vitamin DPine Nuts Promote Bone Health

4) They increase immunity due to the content they contain vitamin C

5) Pine nuts contain pinolenic acidwhich makes you feel full faster

6) Pine nuts – excellent source of ironwhich is very beneficial for circulation and nervous system

7) Thanks to the presence proteins and magnesium, pine nuts are a source of energy. If you feel tired, eat a handful of pine nuts and you will feel a surge of energy!

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