Only 17% of Russians can critically perceive information

This is the unexpected result of a study conducted by the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Education.

Only 17% of Russians are able to adequately perceive information. This is the disappointing result of a two-year study conducted by specialists from the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences*. It turned out that our compatriots hardly understand the essence of even their favorite works: films, books and computer games. Some believe that the series “Brigada” (dir. Alexei Sidorov, 2002) tells “how to survive in Russia.”

Others do not doubt that the surface of the Sun is covered with Slavic writings, having read about it from “alternative” scientists. “Our thinking is very dependent on the context, as well as the emotions that the information causes,” explains cognitive psychologist Maria Falikman. “Emotion and context take away the hassle of perceiving the message, allowing it to be grasped quickly and effortlessly, but in return it narrows our vision of the situation and limits our ability to judge it with an open mind.”

* Social Sciences and Modernity, 2013, No. 3.

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