Officials proposed to extend the children’s age to 21 years

If the initiative is approved, the age of majority in our country will be celebrated according to the American model.

To call modern 16-17-year-old adolescents children, frankly speaking, will not turn the tongue. Compared to even the millennial generation, today’s youths are much more developed, advanced, educated. And sometimes they earn no worse than adults.

But formally they are still children. Minor adolescents for whom the parents are responsible. Now the threshold beyond which adult life begins is 18 years. But it is possible that soon we will be like in the United States and a number of other countries.

“Today the Russian Ministry of Health is talking about raising the threshold of childhood to 21,” TASS quotes Tatyana Yakovleva, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation. – First of all, we are worried about the use of alcohol, tobacco under the age of 21, which means that this is the prevention of bad habits and this is the health of our expectant mothers and fathers.

No, there is, of course, a scientific explanation for this. The fact is that the brain is finally formed only by the age of 21. Smoking and drinking earlier can have a negative impact on the development of a young person.

This, apparently, is not known in a number of Western European countries – there the minimum age when a person can consume weak alcohol (wine or beer) is 16 years.

By the way, the Russian Ministry of Health is not the first time trying to stretch our childhood. So, last spring, the minister herself, Veronika Skvortsova, already stated: in the long term, childhood will be considered age … ta-dam! – up to 30 years old.

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“Molecular genetics and biology will make it possible from birth to determine and predict a disease to which the organism has a predisposition,” the official explained to Interfax at the time. “Prevention will allow evenly lengthening all the main periods of life: childhood – up to 30 years, the active age of an adult – at least up to 70-80 years”.

Sounds great, of course. Only the thought suggests itself: will the age of marriage be raised in this case and will it be allowed to have babies under 30 years old? And then, God forbid, it will turn out that, according to the new formulations, children will give birth to children. And the second question – what then will be the retirement age? Isn’t it 90?


What do you think of 21-year-old children?

  • If alimony is obliged to pay before this age, then I am for!

  • You might think that students will not figure out how to get around the ban.

  • I’m against. The current generation is already too infantile.

  • I am for. All the same, the children have to provide for until they finish their studies. So in fact they are children.

  • You need to educate so that you don’t even want to try this rubbish!

  • The officials have nothing else to do.

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