Mirror hours: explanation and meaning – Happiness and health


Have you ever felt that strange feeling when looking at your watch to find out that it was exactly 11:11 or 22:22 pm? It becomes even more disturbing when the phenomenon repeats itself regularly, or when you wake up at the same time every night.

For some it is a simple coincidence, for others it may be a sign with meanings to be discovered. Are you interested in the subject? We have gathered for you all the meanings of mirror hours and their explanations.

What is a mirror hour?

Does your clock radio show 02:02, or 13:13 displayed on your watch? You are facing a mirror hour. It is the great psychoanalyst Jung, who gave his name to this phenomenon: synchronicity. Far from being a simple coincidence, the interpretations are multiple.

It can be a psychic manifestation: your subconscious calls out to you, on a feeling that you repress or an event of the past.

Someone around you thinks of you. Mirror hours are above all a privileged way for your guardian angel, or any other entity, to communicate with you.

To help you decipher the meaning of these hours, we have grouped all of their meanings below.

Mirror hours: explanation and meaning – Happiness and health
Mirror hours … can you believe it?

24 hours mirrors and their divinatory meaning

In a day, there are 24 mirror hours: from 01:01, 02:02, (…) These identical pairs have a divinatory meaning and for a complete interpretation, we will retain three techniques: the angelic message, that of the angel guardian, finally numerology.

You will find that the interpretations complement each other. In numerology, it is the sum of the numbers that serves as the basis for the work of analysis.


You are the Alpha of your clan: your natural authority prompts you to act as such. The 1 is a primordial energy, which allows you to transform your life. The angels are warning you: your egocentricity will be a brake on your personal development. The angel Elemiah guides you towards introspection.

Numerology: 2

The 2 signifies your inability to show your real “me”, to suppress your emotions. You must stop running away from yourself.


You act as a mirror to others and that exhausts you. You give a lot for the well-being of the other. You are gifted in your field, put yourself forward. If you love in secret, know that this person is the right one. The angel Achaiah helps the processes involved to be accomplished.

Numerology: 4


 The 4 questions your professional sphere: objectives, hierarchy, colleague etc. A hard worker, you lack organization. In love, you will learn to let go.


The 3 is the sign of the Holy Trinity, it embodies fulfillment. You are a spiritual being, open to signs. Your fertile mind allows you to innovate. The angels also invite you to be careful, do not be superficial. Aladiah is the angel who will promote enlightenment. He is concerned with the suffering of those who need energy to rebuild themselves.

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Numerology: 6


The 6 emphasizes your tendencies to expect too much affection from others.


The angelic message prompts you to keep hope. The obstacles that stand in your way, poor health, conflictual relationship etc. will dissipate. Because your natural determination allows you to always do better. Yezalel will be your angel of reconciliation and fidelity in the couple.

Numerology: 8


The 8, formed of two superimposed circles, is interested in the forms of authority that weighs on your private and professional sphere, are you too authoritarian or too passive? Also think about your financial gains, do you deserve them?


Your energy overwhelms you with ideas and projects. This tourbillon is a wonderful engine of creativity. Angels help you realize yourself. You are also a support for those who need it. The guardian angle Hekamiah, summons positive and powerful souls around you. Thanks to him you get involved with others and he protects you from treachery.

Numerology: 10

The 10 is a return to oneself, after a series of trials. From now on, a great dynamism animates you, and thanks to your perseverance, your ideas are realized. The 10 is the number of success.


This mirror hour is the sign of accomplishment. Be attentive to the message of the angels, who are there to support you in your achievement. They suggest that you develop your qualities for the occult, clairvoyance, astrology etc. But you will have to keep your commitments, the angels ask you to be loyal. Leuviah is the angel of this hour, guarantor of clairvoyance. He teaches human beings to love each other.

Numerology: 12

The 12 encourages you to take a step back, to analyze the situations that present themselves to you. This attitude should give you autonomy and independence of mind.


You are awake, and the 7 is the symbol of this (re) birth. You are coming to the end of a spiritual journey and the angels tell you that you are about to have a revelation. However in love, your taste for solitude you have moved away from the loved one, the angels want to reactivate this dialogue. Yeiayel is the angel who brings fortune and fame. It helps in the accomplishment of trips.

Numerology: 14

The 14 suggests changes that will require adaptation, but this number ensures harmony and stability.


You are in a delicate period which must come to an end. The angels support you, as long as you roll up your sleeves and persevere. Nith-Haiah, angel of wisdom, infuses you with his strength so that you will be successful through these trials.

Numerology: 16

The 16 invites you to free yourself from your principles. Be careful because your ego probably dominates your life to an excess.


Angels warn you against turning in on yourself. The 9th is preparing you for a new cycle, and you have to let go of a certain materiality to realize yourself fully. Seheiah, is the angel who protects from ruin, fall, fire, he will protect your inner journey.

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numerology: the 18

The 18 encourages you to scrutinize your subconscious, to highlight certain disorders (anxiety, fear, depression), and to go beyond appearances.


It is the mirror of luck and change. You will be recognized at your fair value, your work will be rewarded. The financial aspect is favored by the double 10. New partners in love, new sensual experiences await you. The angels urge you to come out of your shell. Lecable is the angel associated with agriculture and the fertility of crops, he promotes success and talent.

Numerology: 20

You have to detach yourself from restrictive social codes so that your freedom of judgment can be expressed. The 20 is a number of independence of mind.


Mirror hours: explanation and meaning – Happiness and health

It is anxiety that dominates your decisions. Be confident, the angels are concentrating your strength for this to change. Guardian Angel Lehahiah, a prodigy of self-confidence and energy, and enables success in business.

Numerology: 22

Your ambitions fuel your energy, which allows you to achieve your goals.


This hour is a spiritual bath, clairvoyance is part of your skills, you have the power to change things around you. This will lead to psychological hardship. Anael is the guardian angel, associated with this hour, he reveals to you the beauty and the light

Numerology: 24

The 24 affirms loyalty to the family and an increased awareness of your responsibilities.


Beginning of a cycle and death of another, it is the symbolism of this hour. Your natural taste for change will help you, provided, say the angels, to be analytical. Yeiazel is your guardian angel, he influences artistic creation and love and family harmony

Numerology: 26

The 26th helps you overcome your fears. To achieve this choose meditation or prayer.

14: 14

Your existence oscillates between instability and progress, it is important that you react with nuance. Yet the angels promote your professional success. Your overactivity is sometimes misunderstood by those around you, because you fear emptiness. Veuliah is the angel of abundance, of rewards.

Numerology: 28

The 28 accompanies stubborn people with a strong mind.


A passionate relationship (artistic, romantic, professional) dominates your existence. Your sexuality is fulfilling. However, the angels urge you to spiritual refocus. Ariel, the guardian angel, will send you premonitory dreams and promote the development of your relationship.

Numerology: 30

In numerology, the 30 is associated with charismatic people, at ease in society.


The angels show you the path of meditation to escape the problems that monopolize you. Loving yourself is not always enough to get out of all situations. Véhuel is the angel who will give you leads, because he sharpens the five senses and promotes instinct.

Numerology: 32

The 32 activates the optimism, necessary for your progress in these troubled times.


The great will which animates you is supported by the angels. They stimulate your imagination to reinvent your universe. Challenges attract you. Imamiah is the angel of inner struggle, he helps to annihilate your inner enemies.

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Numerology: 34

The angelic message is confirmed by the 34, you must complete your inner journey.


You expect so much from your romantic or friendship relationship that you risk disillusionment. Your faith in a higher power enlightens you, and the angels with it, only beware of false prophets. Mebahiah, the guardian angel, promises you discernment.

Numerology: 36

The 36 underlines your altruism and your confidence in the other, but be careful.


Universality and communion are at the rendezvous of this mirror hour. The angels illuminate a path of light carrying meaning, which you will understand, because you are ready. Prayer helps you and the angel Yeialel allows you to connect with your past to understand the present.

Numerology: 38

38 is the number for dating and professional success.


You are psychologically exhausted by mood swings. Angels alert you and help refocus you. Umabel is the angel who will offer you a better approach to the divinatory arts, which will allow you to regain self-confidence.

Numerology: 40

The 40 confirms your pragmatism which will promote your psychological healing.


The angels bring you very good news, either privately or professionally. Be patient and humble, you deserve what you are offered. Damabiah is the angel of optimism and dedication. It raises awareness of the messages of the entities.

Numerology: 42

The 42, number of loyalty, gives a sacred meaning to the word family. You take on your responsibilities with nobility.


Mirror hours: explanation and meaning – Happiness and health
The most famous mirror hour with 11:11

Angels confirm your worth and the power of your mind. You inspire confidence, and importance is attached to your words. Habuhiah is the angel who assures you of unfailing energy and intellectual bubbling that feeds your creation.

Numerology: 44

The 44 reaffirms the angelic message: you are at the dawn of grandiose projects that you will carry out. Do not try to show yourself too perfect, others love you for who you are.


You are gifted for human relations, the angels promote your sense of communication and adaptability. Professional changes are coming, financial negotiations too. Haiaiel is the angel who will help you conquer conflicts and ease tensions.

Numerology: 46

The 46 underlines your daring and independence of mind. Nothing can resist you, because we are sure of you. The only downside is that your partner can’t always follow you.

00 00 pm

The angels are asking you to prepare yourself internally for great changes. After the darkness of some days, you will finally be able to breathe. Expect to be rushed, but nothing will happen without your stubbornness. Mumiah is the angel who optimizes meditation.

Numerology: 0

The 0 in numerology opens up the field of possibilities, love and work are required, as is your ability to adapt.

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